Microsoft GrowthX Accelerator Programme for Startups 2024 (Up to $25,000)

Microsoft has launched its 2024 GrowthX Accelerator Program, offering a unique opportunity for AI startups to scale their operations and connect with industry leaders. This equity-free, 8-week virtual program is designed to propel artificial intelligence startups to new heights, providing them with invaluable resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities.

Microsoft GrowthX Accelerator Programme for Startups

Microsoft GrowthX Accelerator Programme for Startups 2024

The Microsoft GrowthX Accelerator presents a golden opportunity for AI startups to leverage Microsoft’s extensive resources and network. By participating, startups can gain crucial insights into the MENA market, particularly Abu Dhabi, while receiving tailored mentorship and technical support.

This program not only offers substantial Azure credits but also provides a platform for startups to refine their business models, enhance their technical capabilities, and prepare for significant growth and investment opportunities.

Program Highlights

The GrowthX Accelerator focuses on four key pillars to ensure comprehensive startup development:

  • Tech Enablement: Participants receive a minimum of $25,000 in Azure credits, GitHub Enterprise License, Microsoft 365 Licenses, and access to a vast network of tech experts.
  • Corporate Readiness: Startups are connected with major corporations and mentors, preparing them for enterprise-level sales and partnerships.
  • Financial Readiness: Expert financial mentors work closely with startups to enhance their business acumen and financial strategies.
  • Investor Readiness: The program helps startups gauge their investor readiness and provides exposure to Microsoft’s extensive VC partner network.

Additional Benefits

  • Virtual capacity-building workshops covering business, Abu Dhabi market insights, AI, and technology
  • Curated mentor panels dedicated to each startup’s specific needs
  • One-on-one technical support from Microsoft specialists
  • In-person Demo Day opportunities in the UAE
  • Access to investors and corporate partners
  • Up to $150,000 in Azure credits and benefits through Microsoft’s Founders Hub

Eligibility Criteria

The program targets tech startups with AI solutions that are either revenue-generating scale-ups or in the growth stage of innovation.

Application Process

Interested and eligible startups can apply through the application page:

The application requires detailed information about the startup, including:

  • Previous participation in startup programs or competitions
  • Current use of Microsoft Azure
  • Expected outcomes from the GrowthX program
  • Areas where support is needed
  • Interest in expanding to the MENA region and opportunities in Abu Dhabi
  • Willingness to scale operations to Abu Dhabi
  • Company website and social media links
  • A 3-5 minute pitch video
  • A comprehensive pitch deck covering problem statement, solution, market size, technical details, traction, clients, financial projections, team, and fundraising history

For more information, please visit the official program website at

Key Dates

  • Application Deadline: September 2, 2024
  • Duration: 16th To 8th of November2024
  • Demo Day: First week of December 2024

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