Mesirat Entrepreneurship Program 2024 for Young Ethiopian Entrepreneurs

The Mesirat Entrepreneurship Program 2024 for Young Ethiopian Entrepreneurs, is an excellent opportunity that promises not just growth but the creation of one million job opportunities for gig workers over the next five years.

Mesirat Entrepreneurship Program

Mesirat Entrepreneurship Program

This initiative, co-created in collaboration with the Mastercard Foundation, Gebeya, and consortium partners, is set to revolutionize the gig-matching industry, propelling young Ethiopian entrepreneurs into unprecedented success. Meanwhile, Mesirat demonstrates the commitment of its collaborators to fostering entrepreneurship in Ethiopia.

Over a five-year, multi-phase journey, the program is dedicated to creating and supporting 100 multi-sided gig and professional marketplaces (GPMs). The four crucial components of Mesirat’s process; recruitment, vetting, upskilling, and gig matching, ensure the integration of highly skilled workers into the gig economy.

Benefits of the Mesirat Entrepreneurship Program

  • Technology Integration: Mesirat offers entrepreneurs access to a white-labeled system that streamlines the entire business process. From collecting applications to customizable vetting, onboarding users, and matching them efficiently, this technology backbone provides a solid foundation for success.
  • Strategic Marketing Support: The program extends a helping hand in marketing endeavors. Mesirat entrepreneurs benefit from expert assistance in developing and executing marketing campaigns.
  • Partner Network: Networking is a cornerstone of success in the business world. Mesirat opens doors to a robust network of businesses and organizations ready to support entrepreneurs in growing their ventures.
  • Access to Expert Advisors: Entrepreneurs enrolled in the program receive valuable insights and advice from seasoned professionals. This mentorship helps them navigate challenges, avoid pitfalls, and make informed decisions crucial for their business’s success.
  • Financial Empowerment: Qualified businesses and gig workers can access financing through the program.
  • Service Providers: Entrepreneurs can tap into a pool of experts to enhance their social media strategy, boost sales, and receive tailored services based on their unique requirements.
  • Mentorship: Participating Entrepreneurs benefit from ongoing mentorship, ensuring that they have consistent support in their journey. This includes four hours of workshop training and consulting each week for three months, fostering continuous learning and improvement.

Eligibility Criteria for Mesirat Entrepreneurship Program

To be eligible for this program, businesses must be;

  • Registered license in Ethiopia
  • Tested idea with proof of concept
  • Scalable business model
  • Experienced team working full time on their idea
  • A minimum of six months in operational
  • Must be a professional gig with a multi-sided marketplace matching model

How to Apply for Mesirat Entrepreneurship Program 2024?

Candidates who meet these criteria should visit the Mesirat application page at to submit their application.

For additional details, explore the Mesirat website at

Application Deadline

December 1, 2023.

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