McCall MacBain Scholarships in Canada 2025

The McCall MacBain Scholarships in Canada 2025 offer an exciting opportunity for students seeking to study abroad. The University aims to support individuals who have the ambition to study internationally but are hindered by financial constraints. This scholarship not only provides financial aid but also emphasizes community engagement and personal development. Students from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to participate in this program to contribute to its meaningful mission.

McCall MacBain Scholarships in Canada 2025

Applicants for this fully funded scholarship must have overcome challenges in various employment sectors. They are expected to share their leadership vision and demonstrate a commitment to serving the public with integrity and humility. The scholarship seeks to nurture leaders who strive for continuous improvement, act as liaisons between people and government, and are willing to take bold and meaningful risks.

McCall MacBain Scholarships in Canada 2025

These scholarships aim to foster a collaborative and open-minded approach to learning in one of the most diverse and multilingual cities in the world. Offering a life-changing experience, the scholarships provide the opportunity to develop leadership skills and explore different approaches to leadership. It also offers a unique opportunity to study in a rich and creative cultural environment, with access to exceptional quality of life and numerous job prospects.

McCall MacBain Scholarships Details

Host Country: Canada

Host University: McCall University

Number of Scholarships and Awards: McGill will offer up to 30 full scholarships and 100 entrance awards for master’s or professional studies for Summer/Fall 2024 admission.

Program Level:

Master’s Level

  • MA (Arts)
  • MArch (Architecture)
  • MATL (Arts in Teaching and Learning)
  • MBA (Business Administration)
  • MEd (Education)
  • MEng (Engineering)
  • MISt (Information Studies)
  • MM (Management)
  • MMus (Music)
  • MPP (Public Policy)
  • MSc (Science)
  • MScA (Science, Applied)
  • MScAPT (Science, Applied in Physical Therapy)
  • MScAOT (Science, Applied in Occupational Therapy)
  • MSW (Social Work)
  • MUP (Urban Planning)
  • LLM (Law)
  • STM (Sacred Theology)

Professional Undergraduate program

  • BCL/JD (Law)
  • DMD (Dentistry)
  • MDCM (Medicine)

Benefits of the McCall MacBain Scholarship

Here are the benefits of this scholarship.

  • The cost of tuition is paid.
  • A monthly living stipend of $2,000 for the duration of the position.
  • A one-time grant for moving to Montreal.
  • Exposure to Canadian education.
  • Being accustomed to people and their culture.
  • The opening of new career paths.

Eligibility Criteria for the McCall MacBain Scholarship

To be eligible for the scholarship, you must meet any of the following criteria.

  • You need to get a bachelor’s degree, which needs to be finished by August 2025.
  • You should have finished your bachelor’s degree during the previous five years.
  • You should be 30 years of age or under and have earned your bachelor’s degree more than five years ago.
  • Exceptional character qualifies candidates.
  • You should actively participate in community-related issues.

How to Apply for the McCall MacBain Scholarships in Canada 2025

  • You have to apply through the website.
  • You should first create your account.
  • Log in from your account and enter the required information.
  • Ensure to provide the supporting documents, if any.
  • Complete your application form carefully and submit it.

Application Deadline

For graduates of Canada/United States: September 25, 2024.

For graduates of international universities: August 21, 2024.

Website Link

Application Link

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