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Man Crush Wednesday | #MCW – Use #MCW on Social Media

Man Crush Wednesday | #MCW – Use #MCW on Social Media
#MCW (Man Crush Wednesday) is another popular slang just like #WCW, #MCM and other popular slangs used on social Medias like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social media accounts.

Man Crush Wednesday | #MCW - Use #MCW on Social Media

What is #MCW (Man Crush Wednesday) Slang Really for?

#MCW (Man Crush Wednesday) is a popular slang that people use mostly on Wednesday, to represent your crush who is a male or any cute guy you know.

#MCW is also a slang used when a female feels like uploading her crush’s photo on social media. The slang #MCW (Man Crush Wednesday) is used mostly on a Wednesday not on any other day. Most people who have crush on other fellow won’t wait for that day to come, they are always anxious and go in an hurry to upload their crush picture on social Media.

How to use #MCW (Man Crush Wednesday) on Social Media account

#MCW (Man Crush Wednesday) sounds interesting right? You want to give it a try, well just follow the steps below to give #MCW a blow.

  • First you open up any social media account of your choice like Facebook, Instagram, twitter and many more
  • Then you find a space provided for posting pictures, updates and many other stuffs in your account
  • Once you’ve found it then select the pictures of the guy you want to use remember that cute guy right?
  • Now upload the picture and write what you want to write about the cute crush of yours
  •  Remember not to forget to always put the #MCW slang to it
  • You can also add tags
  • You can tag the person and many other friends on your list
  • Then you can click on post

It’s easy and fun. Share your thoughts, make your crush feel loved and get to see more #MCW (Man Crush Wednesday) too. So why don’t you give it a blow from today

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