iPhone QR Code Scanner – How To Scan a QR Code on iOS

Most iOS users to date are yet to know about the iPhone QR Code Scanner. Trust me I was among this set of users till recently. And now I have come to share my guide on this with others.

iPhone QR Code Scanner

Before now I have been using a separate QR Code Scanner app I downloaded from the AppStore. Not until I made research and came across it. It works 100% and you can get to try it with ease just like taking a photo of an object.

Ream on this article to get a guide on the iPhone QR Code Scanner. There are more iPhone tricks you can get from our website as well.

iPhone QR Code Scanner

QR Codes are mostly used everywhere before their reduction in popularity. And currently, there are occasions where we might be required to scan a QR code on our phones.

QR codes can be used in restaurants, businesses, and other corporations mostly in the United States. So, if you are a iOS user (iPhone or iPad) then here is a guide on easily scanning a code directly without a third-party app.

How To Scan a QR Code on iOS?

Scanning a QR code on either your iPad or iPhone is as simple and easy as accessing your camera app. You just have to focus the lens more on the code.

Here is a step on how to access the iPhone QR Code Scanner:

  • Get your iOS device.
  • Ensure you are connected to the internet or a WIFI.
  • Place the QR Code on a flat surface.
  • Lunch your device camera.
  • Tap on your camera surface on your iOS device for a more focus on the QR Code.
  • Your device will recognize it as a QR Code. And automatically notification will be displayed at the top of your screen. The notification will be “Open ‘site name’ in Safari”.
  • Tap on the notification and you will be redirected to a window on Safari browser.

This will display the information about the QR Code it has captured. Remember you really don’t have to take a picture of the code. You just have to get your camera focused on the QR Code.

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