Humane’s AI Pin Will Begin Shipping In March

Humane’s AI Pin will begin shipping in March. If it is that you have purchased one of the AI-powered wearables, we finally have a timeframe as to when the first order will be reportedly shipped out.

Humane’s AI Pin Shipping

Humane’s AI Pin Shipping

Humane on Friday announced that the AI Pin, which in case you don’t know is its splashy AI-powered wearable, will begin shipping in March 2024. People and shoppers who placed priority orders will reportedly get their devices first, and Humane reveals that it will ship orders based on the date of acquisition, as per a post on X (formerly known as Twitter).

While Humane did not share a specific date as to when orders would begin shipping, the March timeframe in question is more specific than the early 2024 timeframe that the firm provided back in November.

Humane’s Big Reveal of its AI Pin

In its big reveal in the previous month, Humane reportedly showed off how the device in question can pick from different AI services in a bid to respond to your queries, all of which without having to force you to look at a screen. (Though in the reveal video, one AI-powered response had a major error.) The firm also demonstrated during its reveal its projection system that can reportedly display things for you to effectively interact with on your hand.

Price of the AI Pin

But that all comes at a really hefty cost; the AI Pin kicks off at $699 and also has a required $24 per month subscription fee to get a phone number and make use of cellular data.



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