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How to log out Facebook Account From Every Device Remotely

How to log out Facebook Account has been a search question on internet. If you have a computer, staying logged into Facebook really make sense and that’s very personal, but if your computer is being shared with another user, it’s better you log out as soon as you are done using it. And if you have forgotten to logout of any public or shared computer, you can use the Facebook security settings to remotely log out.

How to log out Facebook Account From Every Device Remotely

Facebook Menu: Tap the more button by the upper-right corner on your Android smartphone or Lower-right corner on your iOS device. After that, the list of Facebook menu displays. Now scroll down and click on the last button which is logout. You are to tap the log out button again to ensure that you have completely log out and that takes you to the app’s login home.

Note: If your account has been synced with the phone before now, it will no longer be synced.

How to log out Facebook Account Remotely.

This method can be used if you have left your Facebook on your friend’s phone while at work or school, you can easily use the security settings to log out remotely. This method will also log you out of messenger but it does not have the Log out option.

Head straight to your security settings, click on it and wait till it brings out all your account’s security options.

Open your list of active logins: When you open this, it shows the locations where you are currently online on Facebook. This also includes your current device, your mobile devices and some other locations you have been logged in. So, you open the “Active Sessions”. When you click on this, you will see the names of devices as reported to Facebook. The device’s location, and the date last operated. Make use of this information to select the session you really need to end. You are likely to see the several entries for yourself, including the device you currently using, your messenger and mobile phone.

How to log out Facebook Account & End a session

When you end a session, it ends your session for that particular device, and Facebook returns to the login page. If anyone is currently viewing your page from that browser or app, they will be kick out immediately. So, you tap the “X” close to the entry to log out.

How to log out Facebook Account End All Activity

If you want to be completely sure that you don’t have an open session anywhere. Click the “End All Activity” link above the “Where you’re logged in” box. This signs you out of everywhere you have logged in, including the present browser too. But options only appear on the desktop site.

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