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SPAR – How to know how to Participate in SPAR Reward 

SPAR is a worldwide retail chain originated in Holland. And it is a very popular one having over a thousand stores all over the world. It is present in forty one (41) countries across 4 continents. The SPAR Nigerian franchise is operated by Artee industries limited also known as Artee group. SPAR is one of the largest hypermarket stores in Nigeria built to offer you with all the needs of your consumption.

How to know how to Participate in SPAR Reward

It offers a wide spread of products ranging from grocery, bakery, vegetables and fruits, butchery, meals. And snacks, spirits and wines, electronics, mobile phones, home appliances, printers and laptops, perfumes, wristwatches, jewelry, furniture, clothing, and airtimes.

In Nigeria, It operates ten (10) stores across Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja, and Calabar. Allowing it to be a fast rising company and largest chain of hypermarket stores in Nigeria. In a research, it was discovered that in Nigeria SPAR serves over five (5) million customers annually. And also employs over a thousand people.

It is the only retail chain in Nigeria to provide loyalty to their customers through their reward program. It allows their loyal customers to win prizes by joining a loyalty program. To know how to participate in this reward all you have to do is

How to know how to Participate in SPAR Reward

  • Visit the nearest SPAR
  • Request for it. You will be given a simple form that must be filled in carefully. Users are advised to read the terms of their program carefully
  • Collect a green card loyalty which is activated in the system of SPAR within 72 hours of submitting the form.
  • At that time every purchase in the stores with the logo of their network will result to increase in the number of points in your account.
  • After some time, they will use the charter of the number of accumulated points to reach a level capable of collecting prizes.

SPAR offers other Services in Nigeria such as

  • Online shopping; if you wish to make a purchase on SPAR online. You would have to search for the required item on the company page. Identify the number of the product and call the nearest SPAR office to make your order.
  • Home delivery; a convenient and affordable way. To get the purchases you made at the store to be delivered to you at home.
  • Made to order cake; this retail company makes cakes for any occasion. So you’re allowed to order as you like.
  • Made to order furniture; customize your office and home furniture to your taste by ordering furniture’s of your choice

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