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How to Grow your Business on Facebook? Who says you can grow your business on Facebook. Matter of fact, it is one of the biggest and best marketing tools to use for an online presence. As a small business owner, you can actually support your online marketing activities by creating a page on Facebook. Creating a business page on the platform doesn’t mean it will automatically make progress, of course, you need to work it. Every individual that has a business should bring to social media networks, most especially Facebook.

How to Grow your Business on Facebook

How to Grow your Business on Facebook

Facebook is equipped with some nice marketing tools and advertising options. And as a user on the platform, you need not miss out on this awesome feature for your business. Having a business page is one thing and another is having a solid presence. By so doing, you can actually engage with your potential customers and grow the business globally. That is to say, you need to a great marketer with some nice strategies.

Grow your Business with Social Media

Facebook being a good platform for your business means you’re likely to have lots of rivals on the platform. With the competition you would probably come across, it is best for you to prepare ahead and be alert with strategies. Promoting your business on Facebook is not hard and also not as easy as it might seem, because actually it takes works, devotion, and time.

Grow Your Business Online

You don’t just create and a page and then sit down and watch it grow, you need to put in some time and effort. Creating a business page and bringing your business to Facebook helps to legitimize your business in the eyes of your potential customers. And I’ve got you covered with the guides I will be providing details on how you can be growing your business on Facebook.

How to Grow Your Facebook Page

Do the following to promote and grow your business on Facebook;

Create Page for your Business

To have a solid presence for your business on the platform, you need to create a business page. Your business page or account is separate from your personal profile and it doesn’t affect it. A Facebook page is just like a regular profile also, but mostly for businesses and brands. On the page, instead of asking to be friends, they must like your page in order to like and interact with you.

Once you create the page, you also need to customize it and Facebook offers users with lots of customization options. You can include your business information like the number, address, business hours, products, website, etc. Also, include an image that reflects your business and it must be clear with great quality.

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Post on your Page Regularly

Creating the page now doesn’t mean, users will just start liking and interacting with the business without you posting relevant things regularly. You need to be active on your business page. Post as frequently as you can, even if it’s just once in a day. Because the customers would like to feel they actually know you and can also interact with your business.

Posting regularly is important, but posting quality and relevant content is more important. If as a new business, you feel you don’t know what your customers who like to see, you can actually experiment. I mean that’s why the platform is there with polls, contests, events, etc. Use the poll feature for a page to ask for the things they will like to see. Or you can also look at the Page Insights.

Promote the Page

Now, what are the use of posting nice and quality content with no one seeing them? There are different ways you can actually build your business following, well you start by sending out page invites to customers and friends you have. Though the digital means of promoting your page is available and helpful, you can equally try the traditional way. Try putting a link to the page in an email signature or business card. Include your other social profile on the business website and any other marketing material you produce.

Include a CTA, coupon, or even promotion on the page and encourage people or customers to like the page and get.

Engage with your Followers/Customers

The new Algorithm for Facebook favors posts and pages that actually create engagement. Posting regularly is more, but posting useful and conversation build contents are more important. Yes, it is a business page, but you need t to be social and fun in order to engage with followers/ customers. Interact with customers by replying to their comments, concerns, and questions they might ask. Post quality content and keep the conversation going with followers.

You can engage with your followers/customers by organizing events and also running contests.

Get Involved with Other Pages

Yes, you should get involved. Not just any page, you can actually like the pages that are relevant to your business. Try to participate and interact with them using your page. Post a comment and ask questions. Another effective strategy is by tagging pages that is relevant in your status updates to get notified.

Try Using Facebook Ads

If you feel you’re not reaching people organically, then give Facebook Ads a try. Running adverts showcases your business or product to the millions of users on the platform who are likely to be potential customers. Facebook ads are not really that expensive to run and they are customizable and simple too with great results.


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