How to Get Elite Status on Frontier Airlines

The world of air travel is ever-competitive, airline loyalty programs have become a game-changer, offering frequent flyers exclusive perks, privileges, and cost-saving benefits. Frontier Airlines, a leading ultra-low-cost carrier in the United States, has upped the ante with its revamped Frontier Miles loyalty program, making it easier than ever to earn Elite Status and unlock an elevated travel experience.

How to Get Elite Status on Frontier Airlines

Key Takeaways:

  • Evaluate your travel habits, party size, and add-on needs to determine the appropriate Elite Status tier.
  • Higher tiers offer greater savings potential, especially for larger groups and those with checked baggage.
  • Beyond cost savings, Elite Status offers convenience and flexibility benefits.
  • If you frequently fly with Frontier Airlines, pursuing Elite Status can be highly valuable

What is the Frontier Miles Loyalty Program

The Frontier Miles program is designed to reward loyal customers with a range of benefits, including redeemable Travel Miles and the opportunity to achieve Elite Status. While Travel Miles can be used to book flights, Elite Status Points are the key to unlocking exclusive privileges and savings.

Frontier Airlines distinguishes between these two currencies:

  • Travel Miles: Earned by purchasing Frontier flights, using the Frontier Airlines World Mastercard®, or making purchases with Frontier travel partners. These miles can be redeemed for flights.
  • Elite Status Points: Accrued through qualifying Frontier Airlines purchases and credit card spending. These points determine your Elite Status tier and associated benefits.

Requirements for Frontier Airlines Elite Status Tiers

Frontier Airlines offers four tiers of Elite Status, each with increasingly valuable perks and benefits. Here are the current requirements for each tier:

  • Elite Silver: 10,000 Elite Status Points
  • Elite Gold: 20,000 Elite Status Points
  • Elite Platinum: 50,000 Elite Status Points
  • Elite Diamond: 100,000 Elite Status Points

Once you’ve earned the required Elite Status Points within a calendar year, you’ll enjoy the corresponding benefits for the remainder of that year and the entirety of the following year.

How to Get Elite Status on Frontier Airlines

Earning Elite Status Points with Frontier Airlines is a straightforward process. You’ll accumulate points based on your membership tier and the qualifying purchases you make with the airline. Below is how the earning rate looks like:

Earning Rates for Elite Status Points

  • Members: Earn 10 Elite Status Points per $1 spent on qualifying purchases
  • Elite Silver: Earn 12 Elite Status Points per $1 spent
  • Elite Gold: Earn 14 Elite Status Points per $1 spent
  • Elite Platinum: Earn 16 Elite Status Points per $1 spent
  • Elite Diamond: Earn 20 Elite Status Points per $1 spent

What are the Qualifying Purchases For Elite status?

Qualifying purchases that earn Elite Status Points include:

  • Flights
  • Baggage fees
  • Seat assignments
  • Discount Den memberships
  • Priority boarding
  • GoWild! Pass purchases

Exceptions for GoWild! Pass and Discount Den Purchases

It’s important to note that Elite Status Points and Travel Miles earned from GoWild! Pass and Discount Den purchases are not based on the actual amount spent. Instead, they are awarded at a fixed rate, as shown in the following table:

Product Member Elite Silver Elite Gold Elite Platinum Elite Diamond
GoWild! Annual Pass 6,000 7,200 8,400 9,600 12,000
GoWild! Summer Pass 5,000 6,000 7,000 8,000 10,000
GoWild! Winter Pass 4,000 4,800 5,600 6,400 8,000
GoWild! Monthly Pass Initial 1,000 1,200 1,400 1,600 2,000
GoWild! Monthly Pass Renewal 1,500 1,800 2,100 2,400 3,000
Discount Den Initial 1,000 1,200 1,400 800 0
Discount Den Renewal 600 720 840 480 0

How to Accelerate Your Status with the Frontier Airlines World Mastercard

The Frontier Airlines World Mastercard® can be a powerful tool in your quest for Elite Status. Not only does it offer a lucrative welcome bonus, but it also enables you to earn Elite Status Points on everyday purchases.

  • Current Welcome Offer: For a limited time, new cardholders can fast-track their way to Elite Gold Status by spending $3,000 within the first 90 days of account opening.
  • Earning Elite Status Points: In addition to the welcome bonus, the Frontier Airlines World Mastercard® earns 1 Elite Status Point per $1 spent on all purchases, regardless of the category. This means you could potentially earn base-level Elite Silver Status by spending $10,000 in a calendar year on the card alone.

Additional Benefits

The Frontier Airlines World Mastercard® also offers a range of other benefits tailored to Frontier flyers, including:

  • 5x Travel Miles on Frontier Airlines purchases
  • 3x Travel Miles at restaurants
  • 1x Travel Miles on all other purchases
  • Family pooling of Travel Miles
  • $100 flight voucher every account anniversary after spending $2,500 during your card membership year
  • Award redemption fee waiver (when you use your Frontier Airlines World card to pay the taxes and fees)
  • Complimentary access to your FICO credit score
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Zone 2 priority boarding

Benefits of Frontier Airlines Elite Status

Achieving Elite Status with Frontier Airlines unlocks a world of exclusive benefits and privileges designed to enhance your travel experience and maximize savings. Here’s a breakdown of the key benefits at each tier:

Benefit Elite Silver Elite Gold Elite Platinum Elite Diamond
Miles and Elite Status Points Earning Rate 12 per $1 14 per $1 16 per $1 20 per $1
Priority Customer Care
Priority Boarding Zone 2 Zone 1 (member only), Zone 2 (everyone on booking) Zone 1 (everyone on booking) Board first
Carry-on Bag ✓ (member only) ✓ (everyone on booking) ✓ (everyone on booking)
Discount Den Membership 50% off Free
Seat Selection Privileges Standard at booking, Preferred at check-in (member only) Standard or Preferred at booking, Premium at check-in (member only) Standard or Preferred at booking (everyone on booking), Premium at booking (member only), Standard, Preferred or Premium at check-in (everyone on booking) Preferred or Premium at booking or check-in (everyone on booking)

In addition to these core benefits, each tier offers additional perks, such as waived change and cancellation fees, free checked bags, pet-in-cabin fee waivers, and the ability to gift Elite Status memberships to friends or family members.

To illustrate the potential savings, consider a scenario where a family of four travels with Frontier Airlines, each with a carry-on bag and a checked bag. With Elite Platinum Status, the family could save hundreds of dollars in baggage fees alone, not to mention the added convenience of priority boarding and premium seat selection.

Tips for Maximizing Your Elite Status Earnings

While earning Elite Status with Frontier Airlines requires a strategic approach, there are several tactics you can employ to accelerate your progress:

  1. Utilize the Frontier Airlines World Mastercard® for everyday spend: By using the co-branded credit card for your daily expenses, you can rack up Elite Status Points quickly, thanks to the 1 point per $1 spent earning rate.
  2. Book Frontier flights and add-ons through the airline’s website: Ensure you’re earning the maximum number of Elite Status Points by making all Frontier-related purchases directly through the airline’s website or mobile app.
  3. Consider GoWild! Pass and Discount Den purchases: While the Elite Status Points earned from these purchases are fixed, they can still contribute to your overall earnings, especially if you frequently take advantage of these offerings.
  4. Monitor your progress and plan accordingly: Keep track of your Elite Status Points balance and plan your travel and spending accordingly to reach your desired tier before the end of the calendar year.

Is Frontier Airlines Elite Status Worth Pursuing?

The decision to pursue Frontier Airlines Elite Status ultimately depends on your individual travel habits, preferences, and goals. However, there’s no denying the potential value and savings that Elite Status can offer, especially for frequent Frontier flyers.

Consider the following factors when evaluating the worth of pursuing Elite Status:

Frequency of Travel

If you only fly with Frontier Airlines occasionally, the base-level Elite Silver Status may suffice, offering perks like priority boarding and waived change/cancellation fees. However, for those who travel more frequently, the higher tiers become increasingly valuable, with benefits like free carry-on and checked bags, premium seat selection, and more.

Travel Party Size

The benefits of Elite Status, particularly at the higher tiers, can be amplified when traveling with family or a group. With Elite Platinum and Diamond Status, privileges such as free carry-on bags, priority boarding, and seat selection are extended to everyone on the same booking, potentially resulting in significant savings for larger travel parties.

Checked Baggage and Add-Ons

Frontier Airlines is an ultra-low-cost carrier, which means that fees for checked bags, seat assignments, and other add-ons can quickly accumulate. Elite Status can help offset these costs, especially at the higher tiers where free checked bags and premium seat selection are included.

Flexibility and Convenience

Beyond the monetary savings, Elite Status also offers added convenience and flexibility. Perks like priority customer care, waived change and cancellation fees, and priority boarding can make the travel experience smoother and more stress-free.

To illustrate the potential value, let’s consider a scenario where a family of four takes two round-trip flights with Frontier Airlines annually, each with a carry-on and checked bag. With Elite Platinum Status, the family could save approximately $800 in baggage fees alone, not to mention the added benefits of priority boarding, seat selection, and more.

Ultimately, if you’re a frequent Frontier flyer or plan to travel extensively with the airline, pursuing Elite Status can be a worthwhile endeavor, providing both tangible cost savings and enhanced travel experiences.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a casual traveler or a road warrior, Frontier Airlines’ Elite Status program offers something for everyone. By understanding the requirements, earning methods, and benefits, you can make an informed decision on whether pursuing Elite Status aligns with your travel goals and budget.

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