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Facebook Event – How to Create a Facebook Event – facebook.com

Facebook Event – How to Create a Facebook Event
Facebook is one of the top social media platform having over a million active users daily. This social media has proven to be worthwhile as they bring about new features to make communication easy for their users. With Facebook, users can upload contents such as videos, photos, links and so many more. Users are also given the chance to interact with their loved one all around the world and also create Facebook Event.

How to Create a Facebook Event

In other words, Facebook is a social networking platform that has been used continuously over the years as it has proven to be effective. As it has allowed users to reach so many people around the world. Chat with them and also get to see updates from their friends and family. Facebook has become a gateway offering easy access to several other applications

Facebook event is a feature that notifies users of upcoming occasions. In other words Facebook event can be said to be a calendar based resources that makes users know about any recent occasions or any occasion that is yet to come.

Facebook event is a great feature made by Facebook. As it is a great way of spreading the word on upcoming occasions. Or events since they are able to get to thousands of people in little time.  Facebook event can be created by any user and can either be open or private. Facebook allows the creator to invite members of a page, group or fans and also invite his friends.

In this content today, I will be guiding you on how you can create an event. Users are advised to follow these steps carefully and correctly so as to get an accurate result.

Steps on how to Create a Facebook Event

  • Visit this link facebook.com
  • Enter your login details
  • From your news feed, click on the events button at the left hand side of the page
  • Click + create event on the left hand side
  • Choose if you want the event to be private or public. If you wish for the event to be public you can set the host of event as yourself or a page you manage
  • Fill in the name of the event, location, details and time
  • If you wish to create a public event you can add several date and times, choose a category for your event. Add a link to a ticketing website for your event and add keywords about your event
  • Click on the create button
  • Instantly you will be taken to your event where you will be able to invite guests, add a cover photo, upload photos, share posts and so many more

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