How to Buy an Item on the Amazon Website

The Amazon website serves as a gate of entry into the Amazon platform at large. Perhaps you are common with the Amazon platform and the services it offers. But believe me, without the amazon website, there is no such thing as Amazon. The reason why I say this is because Amazon is an online store meaning without an online gate of entry, you cannot use the platform and if you cannot use the platform, it is as good as dead.

How to Buy an Item on the Amazon Website

Is the amazon Website Safe?

Quite a brilliant question I would say. The amazon website with all its perks and advantages has got a lot of people wondering if the platform is really genuine or not. The next point is if the website itself is genuine. Well, both the website and the platform are secure. However i will not like to bring out my neck fully into the platform if I were you. The reason I say this is because something’s are only safe for some time and since you do not personally now who you are buying from, you can be defrauded bone way or the order.

How to Create an Amazon account

The main reason for creating an amazon account is for you to easily start and continue shopping from anywhere in the world. Also, once you grab an internet enabled device you can easily buy and goods and watch it delivered to your location at any time you see convenient. To create an amazon account;

  • Go to official amazon website which I believe you already know how to. If you don’t, you can grab your internet enable device and launch the web browser it has. On the web browser, seek the URL
  • On the official amazon website, click on the tab by the top right hand side of the screen labeled “Account & Lists”.
  • From the dropdown or a new page, locate and click on the tab “new customer? Start here” tab.
  • Enter your name, email address and all of the information you are asked to in the places where indicated.
  • Click on the icon “create you amazon account” and continue with the information given to you afterwards.

That is it for creating an amazon account on the amazon website.

How to Buy an Item on the Amazon Website

Buying an item form the amazon website can be very complicated. The most difficult part is when you are trying to find an item. To buy form the amazon website;

  • Go to the official amazon website at
  • On the website, locate and click on the icon you wish to buy.
  • Once you are redirected to the item page, click on the “add to cart” button to continue shopping or the “buy now” to buy instantly.

There you have it, how you can easily buy items on the amazon website.

Search for Item on the Amazon

Searching for items on the amazon website can be frustrating. However in a few steps below, I will show you how you can search for items.

  • Go to the official amazon website.
  • Click on the search bar at the top of the screen.
  • Enter the name of the icon you wish to buy and click on “go“ or “search” depending on your device.

If you follow the steps above carefully, you will be redirected to a age where you will find all matching items to your search.

Amazon Help Center

The amazon help center as the name suggest is a help tour guide to help users find valuable information. It can also help guide users to easily find and navigate their way around the amazon website. All you need to do to access the amazon help center is;

  • Go to the amazon website at
  • On the amazon website, Click on the help icon right under the search bar.

Once you do that, you will automatically be taken to the official amazon help center. Also on the amazon help center, you can search for answers to personalized questions and experiences by using the amazon help center search bar.


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