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How to Boost a Post on Facebook – Facebook Post Boost

How to Boost a Post on Facebook, is one of the frequently asked questions by Facebook users on online. Boosting posts on Facebook is a very effective and easy way to get more publicity for your content you posted. To Boost a post on Facebook is a very easy process and also takes less of your time as the posts are boosted directly from your Facebook page.

How to Boost a Post on Facebook

Users are liable to boost a post for as little or much as they want. Boosting a post on Facebook is one of the best ways to allow more people view your videos, photos, promote special events, reach new audiences etc. the following ways given below are ways on how to boost your post on Facebook.

Steps on How to Boost a Post on Facebook

Do you want to know how to boost a post on facebook? the simple step below will carefully guide you through

  • Get started; create a post or go to any post of your choice yu created recently on your timeline. This could either be a video, photo or any status update.
  • Click on the icon that says “boost post”. This icon is situated at the bottom right hand of your post.
  • A list will appear, choose your preferred audience. It is important for users to reach the good audience with their post. In the list that appears users can choose people who will like their page or you can select your own target audience by choosing people for your target
  • Choose your budget; it is important for users to choose the budget that suits you the most
  • Choose how you want to pay, users should choose the payment that suits them the most then click on the boost post button. Users should note that promoted posts run for a day once it becomes promoted.
  • Measure your results; if users want to gain good results they should check out the performance of their ad anytime from the boost post button on the post.

Users should boost their post anytime its neede

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