How to Advertise on Facebook 2020 – Types of Facebook Ads | How to Advertise on Facebook

(How to advertise on Facebook 2020). When it comes to online advertising, Facebook Ads are actually the most popular. However, lots of people find it hard to create adverts on the platform. But you don’t need to be bothered, in this How to Advertise on Facebook 2020, I will be giving you the guidelines to follow to advertise (How to advertise on Facebook 2020).

The platform’s ever-changing algorithm makes it quite hard to connect with fans organically. But with the micro-targeting feature that lets you reach your target audience, connecting with fans is faster and easier. In others, using Facebook Ads (How to advertise on Facebook 2020) can get your products or messages right to the audience you want them to reach.

How to Advertise on Facebook 2020

How to Advertise on Facebook 2020

Advertising on Facebook (How to advertise on Facebook 2020) makes it possible to place your message out there for the audience or the target that you wish to reach. The platform is popular and is used by billions, and that’s advertising on Facebook  is the best way to go. There are different kinds of people of different statuses on the platform, to reach those people you just have to create your message and send it out to them.  Facebook advertising (How to advertise on Facebook 2020) is the most popular when it comes to making adverts online. But even with how famous the platform is, it is still expanding its offerings for users. On the platform now, there’s;

  • Facebook Marketplace; a place where you to engage in peer to peer selling for free.
  • Facebook Shop; with the shop, your fans can shop on your page.
  • Facebook Dynamic Retargeting Ads; a place where you can target those that landed on your site with items that are similar to the ones they viewed.
  • Instagram Shopping: this is where your followers can shop tag items in your post.
  • Shopping on Instagram Stories; this is similar to Instagram shopping, but it is for stories instead.

The system change has made it better to reach your customers or fans on the platform. To use Instagram shopping, shopping on Instagram stories, and Dynamic retargeting, you need to be using Facebook Shop.

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How to Get Started on Advertising on Facebook

Creating Facebook ads is simple, free, and fast to do. However, before making the ads, you need to set your budget straight, goals, and also experience. Also, before starting, you need to consider the ad type you’d like to use. So let’s have a look at some of the ad types you can use on the platform for creating your ad (How to advertise on Facebook 2020).

Types of Facebook Ads (How to advertise on Facebook 2020)

Facebook Ads have different types and below I will be listing some;

  • Image Ads: these are the simplest type to use when getting started on Facebook Ads. Actually, you can create one with a single click on “Boost an existing post” from your page.
  • Video Ads: These ads can appear in the News Feed and also Stories. They show your team or product in action.
  • Video Poll Ads: Facebook Video poll ads is a mobile-only type of ad. It is actually new, but it sure increases brand awareness more than most ads format.
  • Slideshow Ads: this type offers an easy way to make short videos from a collection of texts, photos, or even video clips.
  • Carousel Ads: with Carousel, you use up to 10 video clips or images to showcase the product or service that you’re advertising.
  • Dynamic Ads: Dynamic ads allow you to promote targeted products to the audience that are most likely to be interested.
  • Collection Ads: just like Video poll ads, they are for only mobile devices. It allows you to showcase five of your products that the audience can click (How to advertise on Facebook 2020).

There are many other ads that you can use on the platform for creating your Advert. Now with that out of the way, let’s look at how you can make ads (How to advertise on Facebook 2020).

How to Advertise on Facebook

Follow the guides below to start creating your ad on Facebook (How to advertise on Facebook 2020);

  • Set your business account or ads manager account.
  • Determine the objective of the ad type you want to run.
  • Set a name for the ad.
  • Determine customers or audiences that you want to target.
  • Select the format you want to use.
  • Choose your targeting, in order words, the places you want the ad to reach.
  • Determine your budget and make a schedule.
  • Design the ad you want creatively.
  • Publish the advert.

Then track and measure results using the Facebook pixel (How to advertise on Facebook 2020).

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