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How eSight Electronic Glasses Work For Legally Blind Person

eSight is a company owned and established by Engineer Geordi La Forge. Although blind from birth, his disability didn’t stop him from achieving his goal. When it comes to technology nothing stops him from making his way to the top.

How eSight Electronic Glasses Work For Legally Blind Person

Geordi wears a pair of thick, wrap-around goggles which is attached to his brain. With this technology it enables him see things even things a human can’t see.

What is eSight all about?

eSight is a wonderful technology and not just any technology. It’s a device that let the legally blind actually see, isn’t that just beautiful?

eSight is a unique medical wearable device that enhances the functional vision of a person with a low vision or who is legally blind. To our greatest surprise and discovery, it requires no surgery. The company is registered with the FDA and EUDAMED, and is inspected by Health Canada.

Does eSight really work?

Am sure by now you would be asking yourself Does this device really work? How can a legally blind person see with just an ordinary device?

Well to our greatest belief it actually works. There are series of media articles and videos on social media and it website that feature legally blind people who can now see, thanks to eSight. It is truly a game changer for people with low vision.

How eSight came to be?

eSight’s founder, a successful electrical, who has two sisters who are legally blind. He said to himself in 2006, “If I can assemble teams of engineers who can build amazing products for the commercial market, why not assemble an engineering team that can build electronic glasses that would enable my sisters see?”

The eSight engineers had a unique and amazing vision for a totally new and revolutionary type of solution they had in mind to build. For eSight to be truly of help for the legally blind, the technology would have to:

  • Help the legally blind individuals to see just like any normal human
  • Provide true mobility so that a legally blind individual can use the device not just to see while sitting down, it help them to be independent e.g. walking, taking a plane, playing sports and many more activities
  • Be a comfortable, wearable and hands-free device. It should be able to allow the legally blind individual to use both their hands while they use it to see

eSight took many years of hard work, investments of tens of millions of dollars, several sleepless nights and more trials and errors working with many legally blind individuals, but the end result came out to be eSight.

Today it is proud to be the largest, most knowledgeable and best-funded R&D lab in the world dedicated to a non-surgical sight restoration for the visually impaired.

Who does eSight really work for?

eSight is an amazing device that works for a legally blind individual. It’s also another way of helping those with low vision. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are approximately 285 million people in the world who are blind. 85% of the world’s 285 million blind people are legally blind or have low or poor visual sight, and it operates for most of this wide blind population. Less than 15% of this population shows results of people who are totally blind. Unfortunately, it cannot currently help them.

What you can do with eSight?

eSight enables those with vision loss to actually see. What they decide to do with their newly returned sight is left to them alone. It has the ability to make you do so many features any human is able to, including independent Activities Daily Living(ADLs) like:

  • Watching TV
  • Reading without any aid
  • Travelling independently
  • Working in a factory
  • Working in an office
  • Doing projects independently
  • Going to school or university
  • Playing sports
  • Arts and crafts
  • And so much more

About the Url

This company has done so much more than just to restore people’s sights. It restores a person’s independence, self-esteem and the best of them all is the person’s freedom.

To be able to access the site. The url to the site is www.esighteyewear.com

If this company is changing the lives of so many, so what makes yours different? Try giving eSight a blow from today. You can as well change the lives of others by introducing them to eSight.

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