Halloween Costumes for Couples: 30 Best Couple Halloween Costume Ideas 2021

Halloween is a fun day not taking all the gore and spookiness too seriously, so it is very important that one is prepared. It is no news that kids, parents, and even couples are now costume shopping just a few weeks to the D-Day. With so many costumes to choose from what should you and your spouse go out on that very day?

Halloween Costumes for Couples

Halloween Costumes for Couples

While some couples may find it hard to pick out the right costume for Halloween, coming up with a joint costume with your spouse might just be the true bonding moment you may have been looking for. There are so many ways through which you can go when choosing a costume. You can try to go spooky, funny, trendy or something totally unconventional.

When it comes to hallowed, it is no doubt that vampires, ghosts, superhero characters always make the list, but why don’t you try out something new as a couple. The D-day is closer than ever this year and consumers are planning more than ever before. And since 2020 is seen as many as a lost year, I think Halloween 2021 is one to look out for.

Adults, kids and especially couples will want to make up for the lost year of last year. The national retail federation already has predicted that consumers will spend up to $10.14 billion in 2021 alone in regards to Halloween. If this is true, it will be an all-time record.

30 Best Couple Halloween Costume Ideas 2021

Dressing up for Halloween is one of the many fun events for the day, and even as an adult or couple you shouldn’t miss out on it. Below are some of the best 30 couple Halloween costume ideas for 2021;

  1. Ron Swanson and breakfast Halloween costume
  2. Harry Potter Halloween costume
  3. Clark Kent and Lois lane Halloween costume
  4. Jon snow and Daenerys Targaryen
  5. The little mermaid couples costume
  6. Nintendo switch Halloween costume
  7. Farmers market Halloween costume
  8. Princess peach and Mario costume
  9. Greek gods Halloween costume
  10. Super parents couples costume
  11. Party animals Halloween costume
  12. Tropical drink couples costume
  13. Alice in wonderland couples costume
  14. Monster Inc. couples costume
  15. Bonnie and Clyde couples costume
  16. Princess bride couples costume
  17. Pencil and notebook Halloween costume
  18. Pantone couples costume
  19. Dirty dancing couples costume
  20. Stranger things couples costume
  21. The mickey mouse club couples costume
  22. Pizza slice and delivery person couples costume
  23. Up couples costume
  24. Magician and rabbit couples costume
  25. Danny and sandy from grease couples costume
  26. Kissing sailor and nurse couples costume
  27. UFO and alien couples costume
  28. Wanda and Cosmo couples costume
  29. Jimmy and Dottie couples costume
  30. Fragile box and leg lamp

And as always there are lots of couples’ costumes to choose from, but this is my personal top thirty lists of cool couples’ Halloween costumes to choose from as a couple.

Most Popular Halloween Costumes for Adults

While many may think that Halloween is just for the kids, this is completely false. Of course, it may seem that children get the most when it comes to fun activities on that day, but it is not true. Adults also have fun on the day and even dress up in their own costumes. Here is a list of the most popular costumes for adults on Halloween;

  • Witch
  • Vampire
  • Ghost
  • Cat
  • Pirate

There are lots of other costumes for adults. But according to research these are the most popular and used Halloween costumes for adults.


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