Green Web Foundation Fellowship 2023/2024 (Up To €6,000 Stipend) – APPLY NOW

The Green Web Foundation is currently seeking five individuals who are passionate about digital rights and climate justice to join their fellowship program. This paid part-time online fellowship runs for six months and aims to bring together practitioners from both movements to foster collaboration and bridge-building.

Green Web Foundation Fellowship

Selected fellows will have the opportunity to participate in a peer-learning program and will be expected to complete a community-based project that contributes to the advancement of digital rights and climate justice.

Green Web Foundation Fellowship

The main objective of this fellowship is to encourage cooperation and partnerships between the digital rights and climate justice movements. Whether you are a technologist, researcher, activist, or policy maker, if you are interested in this intersection and have ideas for a project, this fellowship welcomes your application. This initiative builds upon the insights and opportunities identified by the Green Screen coalition and the landscape analysis it conducted regarding the convergence of these two movements.

The Green Web Foundation particularly encourages projects that are developed by affected communities themselves or in close collaboration with them. They also understand that proposed projects may vary in terms of readiness and maturity, so they invite applicants to assess the feasibility of their proposals and indicate any support that would be helpful in bringing their ideas to life.

What is Expected Of Fellows Green Web Foundation Fellowship?

Fellows will:

  • Devote 5 hours per week for a period of 6 months to the fellowship.
  • Create and carry out a project that contributes to digital rights and climate justice.
  • Participate in weekly cohort calls and engage in independent learning, while keeping a record of their experiences openly.
  • Write monthly blog posts to share their insights and knowledge gained throughout the fellowship.

Benefit of Green Web Foundation Fellowship

Fellows receive:

  • Receive a compensation of €6,000 as a stipend for the time dedicated to the fellowship.
  • Access a project budget upon request to cover expenses related to collaborators, materials, travel, and other project needs.
  • Benefit from mentorship provided by experienced experts in areas such as greening the internet, climate justice, digital rights, and facilitative leadership.

Eligibility Criteria

the successful fellow should:

  • Demonstrates active involvement in both the digital rights and climate justice movements and is enthusiastic about exploring their interconnections and potential collaboration.
  • Presents a well-defined project that addresses a specific community, in which the fellow is also a member.
  • Establishes a practical connection between the movements for digital rights and climate justice. Potential project areas could include:
    • Developing sustainable digital infrastructures that align with environmental goals.
    • Creating open-source technology to address the climate crisis and combat misinformation related to climate issues.
    • Resisting both digital and environmental extractivism through counteractive measures.
    • Utilizing open data to promote climate justice and enhance digital security for defenders of environmental land rights.
  • Actively works towards a future that is fair and sustainable, providing a supportive space for their communities and being committed to self-reflection.
  • Is associated with an organization or operates independently.
  • This fellowship is conducted entirely online, allowing applications from individuals worldwide. Regular meetings are held on a video call platform, therefore a stable internet connection and proficient English skills (both written and spoken) are required.

Green Web Foundation Fellowship – How To Apply

  • All applicants will be notified of about their application status after the committee meeting in November.
  • Interested and Qualified? click here to apply.

For more details about the Fellowship visit Green Web Foundation Fellowship.

Application Deadline

October 31, 2023.

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