Google Gravity | Google Gravity Tools | How to Use Google Gravity

Google Gravity

The popular Google platform is known for bringing up creative and attractive themes for its search homepage for different tasks and other useful activities. Google Gravity is a possible homepage that is always available and it allows users to use the icons on the Google page. This gravity feature also works as a search engine, as it does not sort your search results in a traditional way.

Google Gravity | Google Gravity Tools | How to Use Google Gravity

When you access the page of this feature, you will find that all the contents of the page are under the control of gravitational pull and they tend to fall and act differently. It also consists of entertaining contents that will definitely puzzle you with great and amazing ideas. With this feature, your time is worth spending on something unique.

The Best Google Gravity Tools

This feature is a home of hidden tools and services that let users carry out some amazing and fun-filled activities with Google. This feature was created mainly for fun and entertainment. Below are the best services you can find within the gravity feature.

  1. Zero Gravity Flat Fall.

This is an amazing idea where all the contents of the page overturn, including the images and texts contained on the page! Even when you type a word in the search bar, it will be upside down. I bet you have never heard of this before! Why don’t you give it a try, you will definitely find it exciting.

  1. Google Gravity Underwater.

This service displays an interesting background that contains an underwater sea with various species of sea creatures. You will find the contents of page floating including the texts you type and the images in the page.

  1. The Google Gravity Sphere.

This is the service where all the contents in the page circulate round in a sphere pattern. When you also search for an item, the search results given to you will also circulate round in a sphere pattern, interesting isn’t it?

  1. Google Gravity Rainbow.

This helps you do something colorful; it brings colors to your Google page. With this service, you can enjoy the links and all other contents in rainbow colors which keep blinking.

  1. Google Snake Game.

You must have played the popular snake game on your Nokia mobile phones. Google Snake Game is absolutely the same as the one on your mobile phones.

There are so many other services you can get, these are only a few.

How to Use Google Gravity

Engaging in this interesting service is so easy and simple! Just follow the steps below;

  1. Open your web browser. You can use any of the web browsers such as Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Just make sure the web browser is JavaScript enabled.
  2. Visit the Google page. Go to in your web browser.
  3. Tap on the search bar.
  4. Type in “Google gravity” in the search bar.
  5. After typing it, click on “I’m Feeling Lucky” you will find this below the search bar.
  6. Wait for the Google gravity page to be displayed to you.

And for you to access all other services in Google gravity go to the link above, in the search bar, type in Google Underwater, and click on “I’m feeling Lucky” And you will be directed to the page where you find other services. Click on any of the services you want to make use of.


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