Google China’s Problem – Google China | Is Google Banned in China?

What do you know of Google China’s problem? Have you ever thought if any country can ever ban or block google? But China has arrived at that part in which they ban or block Google from their country.  Google was banned in China because the company began to redirect search result from China mainland to its Hong Kong website, that led the Chinese authorities to ban the Hong Kong site by making the users wait up to ninety seconds {90} for banned results. There is a Google platform in China but not google which you and I normally know. The name of Google in China is “Google China.” Google China is an accessory of google.

Google China’s Problem - Google China | Is Google Banned in China?

Search Engines That Works in China

Since Google no longer works in China it, therefore, means that you can no longer use it in China. There are other search engines that you can use in China today.

  • Baidu.
  • Sogou
  • Youdao.
  • Shenma.
  •, Google Hong Kong, Google Taiwan.
  • Bing china and Bing Taiwan.
  • Yahoo search, Yahoo Hong Kong, and Yahoo Taiwan.

These are search engines that work in China. China citizens use Baidu as their search engine to access the internet. Chinese equivalent is trying to make google glass because of course. The Chinese version of Google project glass is called Baidu Eye. The Baidu search engine is founded by Robin Li and Eric Xu. and if you want to know how large is the Baidu search engine was, it is the world’s ninth-largest internet company.

How to Access Google In China?

Google cannot be accessed in China due to China strict censorship policies. Accessing Google in China to be very difficult to do in China. But you can access Google in China through the help of a VPN “virtual private network.” The VPN allows you to get access to Google in China.

  • first, you have to know the VPN that works fine in China e.g. Fqrouter, SuperVPN, ExpressVPN, VyprVPN, 12VPN, VPN AC and more.
  • download and install the VPN into your device.
  • Launch the VPN app which you have downloaded.
  • Click on the country you want to mask your IP address.
  • Then connect your VPN by switching it on.
  • And access your google browser.

Have this in the back of your mind that, while using VPN as a source of connection in accessing Google in China. You still have to be careful because China has a very strong networking system that can track down other servers within the country.


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