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Google AdSense Login | How to Apply for Google AdSense

Google AdSense is an online program operated by Google which allows publishers in the Google Network of sites with contents to give automatic image, videos, texts or interactive media advertisements, which are directed to the site contents and also the audience.

Google AdSense Login | How to Apply for Google AdSense


Google makes use of its technology to offer adverts based on website contents. Also the user’s location and other factors based on site contents. Those willing to drop adverts with Google’s targeted advert system may make an enrollment list with Google AdWords.

So far Google AdSense has become one of the widest and populous programs that works specially in creating and placing banner adverts on a blog or website.

Websites with enough contents have been having successful results with this advertising program. Google has taken away the policy of Google AdSense website limits. From now on, AdSense publishers can actually place any amount of Google AdSense ads on a page without limits.

How to Sign In on Google AdSense 

Do you want to add Google AdSense to your site? Having thoughts of making money directly from your site? Well Google AdSense is the best program to make use of. All you really need to apply for AdSense for your site on Google by just Signing In. following these steps below would be of great help to you

  • First you open up your Google browser
  • Then at the space bar just above the homepage displayed on your screen
  • You type in the url to where to Sign In which is www.google.com/adsense
  • Then you click enter
  • The page that pops out is the Sign In page
  • There you will see Sign Up Now
  • Click on it
  • You would be directed to your Google account

Note that if you don’t have a Google account. You would have to create one to be able to Sign In on Google AdSense, so in case you don’t have an account with Google, try creating one now.

  • Click on your Google account e.g.nessaanderson0@gmail.com
  • Once you’ve clicked on your Google account
  • You would be taken to where you would fill in your site details
  • Once you’ve done all of that
  • You would click on Create Account
  • Once you’ve clicked on Create Account
  • You would be taken to a new page

Note that in this new page you would be asked to fill in your postal code and also your account detail

  • Once you’ve done all of that
  • Then you click on submit

Note that once you’ve clicked on submit, a code would be given to you

  • Copy the code below
  • Paste it into HTML

That’s just all it takes to apply for Google AdSense,

How Google AdSense works

Want to know how Google AdSense works? Well reading through just below, would reveal how it works to you

  • First you select the ad you want on your site
  • Then you also get to choose where you want ads to appear
  • There you also get to see the highest paying ads go live
  • After all of that, you’ll just leave the money stuff to them

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