GMass Reviews 2020 – Gmass Pricing | GMass Vs Mailchimp

Hey there, welcome to this post as I will be doing something special and new today. This content is all about GMass reviews 2020. Therefore strap in your seat belts and get ready for the adventure of your life. Have you heard of GMass before? If you have not heard of this platform, do not miss this golden chance at learning something new and that will be beneficial to you in the long run. On the other hand, if you have heard of this platform and tool, have you made use of it? If you haven’t made use of it, continue reading as I will be doing a review on it, and probably you will find lots of reasons why you should make use of this mass emailing tool and probably ditch your previous mass emailing tool for it.

Gmass Reviews 2020


Gmass Reviews 2020

If you are an email marketer looking for a solution in email personalization and tracking, then you need to make use of GMass today. Now, what is GMass? Gmass is a mass emailing sending tool. This platform is anew Google tool, but do you know that it is already a competition in the market? Although just being launched, this tool has been quite impressive and when compared to the big guns in the game, this emailing tool is faring well.

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With GMass you can send mail merge campaigns with automatic follow up emails. With GMass users can also integrate into Google sheets. This tool is loved by so many users for so many reasons. One of the notable reasons why this tool is loved by so many all over the world is that you can use it to personalize your emailing marketing experience.

Another important feature of this mass emailing tool is that you can use it to schedule mass emails, track opens, and clicks. One very unique feature of this emailing tool is that you can use it to send emails as replies with each person. In terms of the scheduling feature. You can set emails to be sent subsequently to a user until you get a reply. This emailing tool can be used as a web-based service cloud and SaaS.

Gmass Pricing

Using GMass is basic. Making use of this tool is going to cost you. When it comes to GMass there is no free trial. The pricing of this tool starts from $6.95 monthly, per user. There is no free version of GMass unless you are making use of Gmail. The pricing format for this GMass is both monthly and annually, individual and team. There are three basic forms of subscription on this platform and they are minimal standard and premium.

The minimal subscription plan costs $8.95 monthly per individual. The features of this plan are unlimited use and any other features of the Gmail tool included. The standard plan on the other hand costs $12.95 per month per user. Some of the features of this plan are the removal of GMass footer, unlimited use, and all other Gmail features. The premium plan on the other hand costs $19.95 per month, per every user. Some of the features of this plan are, auto follow up’s, removal of GMass footer, unlimited use and all other Gmail features

GMass Vs Mailchimp

Gmass is a great tool and all but it’s still very much at its early stages. This tool can hardly be considered as a direct competitor with the likes of Mailchimp who has been in the game for a long time. For the now GMass can only play second fiddle to Mailchimp and nothing more. In Mailchimp’s last annual report, the platform reported that its users sent over 246 billion emails compared to GMass’s 67 million emails. Now over to you, what platform would you rather make use of when asked to choose? Clearly, Mailchimp takes the cut. But here is one thing you should note. With the rate at which GMass is growing, the GMass mass emailing platform will be one of the best if not the best in the next coming years.

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