Fortnite’s Latest Update Serves Up the Grapple Glove

As a Fortnite Fan, you should know that nothing is permanent in the game. The makers have never failed to introduce new to entice all its players. There is always a new update in the game for its users.

Fortnite’s Latest Update Serves Up the Grapple Glove

For that, Fortnite’s Latest Update Serves Up the Grapple Glove. As of recently, the game has seen a series of changes. All the way back in March 2022, the game received its major chapter 3, season 2 update.

Fortnite’s Latest Update Serves Up the Grapple Glove

If you are not aware of the zeitgeist that surrounds “Fortnite” and its Fanbase, that update temporarily removed the controversial building mechanic from each of its main matchmaking modes – one of the most available gameplay modes for anybody that is looking forward to joining a match with other players in short order.

Ever since then, the ‘Fortnite’ building mechanic has returned to the public matchmaking sessions in the form of the Zero Build Mode. But it looks like the two modes retained the update movement features, which include the sprinting and climbing, that arguably made ‘Fortnite’ a Slicker experience that follows the aforementioned chapter 3, season 2 update.

Epic Games Flagship title is continuing to tighten the full breadth of gameplay features across its competitive and creative and creative modes with the recent arrival of chapter 3, season 3, and as expected a new update is about to shake things up all over again. Announced on June 14, update v21.00 expands “Fortnite” with a brand-new item that could how players traverse and manipulate the battlefield to their own benefit.

How the Fortnite Grapple Glove works

During its first appearance, it seems like the “Fortnite” Grapple Glove works the same way the Spider-man web-shooters do. And actually, it does, but it offers you more versatility to swing across long distances.

It is not that different from any other grappling hook in that sense, but it does feature a few extra tricks up its sleeve. Just as described by Epic games, the device you can shoot the Grapple Glove’s grappling hook at any “Hard surface like a cliff, prop, or building,” Which implies that you can get creative about how you maneuver around the battlefield.

Quick Escape

Let’s say you set a trap; you can use the grapple to get out of danger a lot faster. If you miss your shot, however, you would get a small window of grace to correct your mistake. You even get to power slide your way out of a faulty swing to charge up your grapple glove.

If you wish to swing even faster, you can build momentum for up to three swings, just do not stop until you drop. The Grapple Glove in “Fortnite” exists as a weapon in your hot bar, and likewise, it contains a limited number of charges. You would find them in any Grapple Glove Toolbox in “Pink Grapple Stops” Littered across the island.


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