Facebook Support Team Contact – Facebook Contact

Are you looking for the Facebook support team contact? Contacting Facebook team is not quite a big deal but to some people it is. The reason for this is because they get to give the Facebook support team their feedback on the platform and equally report things they do not like on the Facebook platform. For instance, if there is a post a person does not like on the platform, he or she can easily report the post and the Facebook support team will look into it, if truly is not supposed to be on the platform, then it will be removed.

Facebook Support Team Contact - Facebook Contact

The Facebook team support contact is a way you can easily contact the Facebook support team to attend to your needs on the platform, however there is a limit. Yes there is a limit and some of the things will not be removed. The reason for this is maybe what you reporting is not something that does not go against the Facebook community standards or it has been reported before and looked into.

Contact Facebook

There are a series of ways of which you can contact the Facebook support team. Some of these ways are by email, their number and via their head-quarters. You can also contact them via the Facebook platform Facebook help center. Now let us look into the ways you can contact the Facebook support team to report something.

Facebook Support Team Contact Emails

Below are the emails of which you can use at any time to contact them.

  • login@facebook.com.
  • warning@facebook.com.
  • info@facebook.com.
  • support@facebook.com.
  • disabled@facebook.com.
  • privacy@facebook.com.
  • appeals@facebook.com.

I believe you already know how to send an email so that will be all for the Facebook support team contact emails.

Facebook Support Team Contact Number

This number is also referred to as the Facebook customer care line and it can be used to report issues on the platform. However it is important you know that this number is not being picked by a real person but you can connect to a live agent. The Facebook customer care number is 650-453-4800.

Facebook Help Center

To report any other problems you find on Facebook such as technical difficulty, you can visit the Facebook help center. However visiting the Facebook help center has proved to be some sort of difficulty for some individuals. To visit the Facebook help center you can use this link https://www.facebook.com/help/181495968648557.  On the help center webpage, you can search for answers and report problem using the links and the search bar.

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