Facebook Store Setup – How to Setup a Facebook

Facebook Store Setup – How to Setup a Facebook
Facebook is one of the well-known social media all around the world having over million active users daily. This social Facebook, is all about communicating, keeping up and meeting new friends. This social networking platform has done a great job of linking so many people worldwide together. Which is why with Facebook, you get to see updates of so many people all over the world, including your friends and family. One of the good news is that apart from this personal use of Facebook, Facebook is also available for business owners and also for business purposes.

Facebook Store Setup - How to Setup a Facebook

As we all know, Facebook business page was the first foremost platform offered for business purposes but it just got better. It is still used to advertise products you deal in and also used to get more customers from all around the world. But now you don’t only get to advertise on Facebook, you can also sell online, awesome right? Facebook store is just the best way to sell your products online to get a wider customer reach. And also get the chance for your brand to be noticed worldwide. But before you get access to all these wonderful features you need to know the basics on Facebook store setup. That’s why I will be guiding on the procedure of Facebook store setup. And you are advised to follow these steps correctly so as to get an accurate result.

Steps on Facebook Store Setup

You need to own a Facebook business page before even thinking of owning a store on Facebook, talk less of Facebook store setup. Once you have a business page and you wish to sell online on Facebook, you are to create a store. To create an online store on Facebook is easy as you can scroll through my website to get the info on that. Not to waste much of our time, the following are steps on Facebook store setup

  • Create your online store, once it is created
  • Go back to your business home page and click on shop to begin the setup process
  • Choose the type of store you want
  • To complete your set up, go back to the settings page and click on edit page
  • Edit it to your choice
  • Add products and begin to sell as you like.


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