Facebook Store – How to Sell on Facebook Store Online

How to Sell on Facebook Store Online
Facebook is one of the most popular social networking services in the world; research has seen Facebook as the most visited social media, as they have over a million active users daily. Facebook is a social media that allows users to connect with their friends and families all over the world. Good news is that they don’t only have the chance to interact; they also get to see updates such as videos and photos of their families and friends. With Facebook, you can meet new people and also get to communicate with them, which is why most business owners have taken use of this chance to start marketing on Facebook.

Facebook Store

About Facebook Store

Facebook has been of great help as they introduced an online store that allows users to sell on Facebook, awesome right? Facebook is a simple and great way to boost your sales and to create it store is just the best way to sell your products to reach a bigger and wider customer base. The Facebook store is a showcase of retailer’s products within a custom app in a Facebook page tab. This is an easy way that allows customers to go through, share and buy your products without even leaving Facebook.

Facebook stores enable retailers to promote to a large number of audiences without paying large expenses. By creating its store, there are advantages of more customers, business known worldwide and so many more. Users are to note that without a Facebook business page they won’t be able to create a store.

The following are ways on how to sell on this wonderful social media store and users are advised to follow these steps correctly so as to get an accurate result

How to Sell on Facebook Store

  • Open your business page
  • Click on store
  • Advertise the product you wish to sell
  • And start selling right away


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