Facebook Singles Over 40 – Meet Singles Over 40 on Facebook

Do you know that you can find and connect with Facebook Singles Over 40? Facebook has launched the dating service on its site, that allows you to get connected to other singles. Do you know what amazes me? You are able to find singles of different ages! Of course. As the title of this article implies. Do you need to hook up with a single over the age of 40? You can find them on Facebook. Following the dating service, you are able to find millions of singles. Let’s see how Facebook dating works.

Facebook Singles Over 40

What Is Facebook Dating?

Dating is a service launched on Facebook that helps you get connected to singles and get on with your romance. In the dating platform, you are able to find different singles of different ages. Yes, it does work that way. Dating on Facebook is available in the dating home and on dating groups too. Using the dating home and groups, you can find singles on Facebook, get connected, and hook up!

The dating home is located right in your Facebook profile. So, with your Facebook account, you can get on the dating home. Once you get there, you are to set up a dating profile before proceeding to the dating home. However, this profile is separate from your existing Facebook profile. Moreover, your dating profile is not seen by your Facebook friends. It is only seen by members of the dating home. So, you do not have to feel insecure.

Moving from here, you have dating groups. These groups are also on Facebook, but in this case, you do not have to set up a separate profile from the one you already have. Using the dating home and dating groups, you can get connected to Facebook Singles Over 40.

How to Create a Facebook Account

Creating a Facebook account is easy. In a few steps, you are able to get your account. And if you want to get started with the dating service, then you will certainly need this account.

Let’s get you on Facebook!

  • Get on the Facebook site on www.facebook.com.
  • You will find the application section. Provide your first name and surname.
  • Enter your mobile number or email address.
  • Provide a strong and secure password for the account.
  • Provide your date of birth.
  • Select your preferred gender.
  • Click on SIGN UP.

How to Find Facebook Singles Over 40

You are able to find singles in the dating home, but if you really want to connect fast to singles over 40, then you can do that on dating groups. However, I will list out the steps in getting started on the dating home and dating home.

The Dating Home

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Go to your Facebook profile.
  • At the top of your Facebook profile, tap on the Heart icon. This will take you to the dating home.
  • Create your dating profile. Provide your gender, location, interests, and photo.
  • Confirm your profile.

Now, you can get started. You can now get connected to other singles of your interest.

On Facebook Groups -Facebook Singles Over 40

  • Get on your Facebook account.
  • Search for Facebook Singles Over 40, using the search bar on your account homepage.
  • Click on “Groups”, above the search results.
  • You will get a list of groups. Click on Join.

Once you click on Join, you are sending a request to be a member of the group. Once your request is accepted, you can get connected to other singles over 40 and build up your romance relationships


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