Facebook Profile Picture – How to Upload your Facebook Profile Picture

Facebook Profile Picture is the picture used to differentiate you from others with the same name. it is the picture uploaded to your profile enabling people to identify you on Facebook. Your Facebook profile picture is very important in the sense that it’s the image that represents your page on Facebook. Your profile pic appears in so many places such as,

Facebook Profile Picture

  • Groups in messengers
  • In the comments, you make on other pages
  • The news feed of your friends

With your Facebook profile picture, you can be easily found or search for by a friend and other users on Facebook. The Facebook profile picture is one of the best means of identification on Facebook. Some users on Facebook don’t usually upload their profile picture. But Facebook has made clear to all it users to always upload their profile pictures due to the rate of scam online.

Steps on how to Upload your Facebook Profile Picture via Computer

  • Visit the link www.facebook.com
  • Go to your profile
  • Click on the add photo icon
  • Click on the upload picture icon
  • Enter your file name
  • Click on the open icon
  • You can either crop or not when you done with that click on the save icon

And instantly your profile picture will be added. Users should note that this Facebook Profile Picture is public and worldwide and it is also the one they would use to identify them. For mobile users that want to upload their Facebook Profile Picture should follow the instructions given below

  • Visit the link www.facebook.com
  • Go to your profile
  • Click on your profile picture
  • You can either take a picture, add frame, upload photo etc. choose the one that suits you the most
  • Click on the user icon when you’ve picked your preferred picture. Users have also given users the chance to edit their picture before posting

Change your profile picture any time you feel it’s needed to be changed, do not hesitate to, because the better the picture the easier people are able to recognize.

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