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Facebook Notifications – How to Change your Facebook Notification

Facebook notifications are updates about things happenings on your Facebook account. Users get the chance to set their notifications, turning on the activities that they want to be notified on. Users can go into the settings of notifications and change what they get notifications on and how they get notifications. There are several types of notifications that Facebook sends to users. The following are some of the notifications

Facebook Notifications

Types of Facebook Notifications

  • Email notifications; in this type of notification users get their notifications through their email that is registered with Facebook. So for users to get their notifications they have to go to their email account that is registered in their account.
  • Push notifications; these are notifications that notifies users when they are not active on their Facebook. Or it’s been long they logged in last into their Facebook account. Allowing them to get in touch with their friends and families online.
  • Red alert notifications; these are notifications seen above your friend request, messages icon. This includes a red circle on top of each icon showing the numbers of new notifications you have received.

Users may have so many reasons for changing their Facebook notification settings. They may want to change it to their preferred choice which may include notifications for their page anytime they get a message. Or when they are to receive a call. The following are steps on how to change your Facebook notification setting

Steps on how to Change your Facebook Notifications Setting

  • Visit the link facebook.com
  • Enter your login details
  • When your account is brought up. Just click on the downward arrow which is also called the account menu at the top right corner of the page
  • Click on the account settings button
  • Click on the notification icon which comes up on the next page
  • On the new page, there are checkboxes which include if you will get your notifications via text messages, Facebook, email. Users are advised to choose the one that suits them the most
  • On that same page, there is a list of what you get your notifications on allowing users to choose the one that suits them the most
  • Click on the save icon

And instantly users’ notifications are set to their choice.

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