Facebook News Feed – How to Customize your Facebook News Feed

Facebook News Feed is a continuous personal collection of videos, links, photos and also updates from your family, business, friends, news sources, public figures on Facebook. It is also the continuous updating list of stories in the middle of your homepage.

Users get to see posts that have high likes, comments, reactions. And shares mostly from the people you interact with on your news feed. Due to that, every post is given a ranking to decide where it will be seen in your news feed. And also which comes first.

Ads are also included in your news feed. And also Facebook makes it easier for you to offer input on the ads you wish to see. And the ones you don’t want to sleep. Users are given the chance to shape and customize their news feed to their choice so the following are steps on how they can

Steps on how to Customize/Adjust your Facebook News Feed

For you to customize or adjust your news feed you have to view the news feed first and to do just that you need to

  • Visit the link www.facebook.com
  • Click on the news feed on the left-hand side of your Facebook page
  • Click on the news feed preference which will take you to the next page

When the Facebook News Feed has been viewed and you are not contented with it then you can follow the steps below

  • Tap on the icon that says “prioritize who to see first” which will navigate you further
  • Click on the icon that says “unfollow people to hide their post” to unfollow a person, page or group that you do not want
  • And if you want to follow the person, page or group you unfollowed before. Clicking on the icon that says “reconnect with people you unfollowed” to do just that. And instantly you will get the news feed of your choice.
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