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What is Facebook Marketplace Books Films and Music? Facebook is one of the most visited social media platforms in the whole world. This is because it makes it very easy for us to connect to everyone around us and also those who are very far from where we are located.

Facebook Marketplace Books Films and Music

Facebook Marketplace Books Films and Music

We are pleased to inform you today that Facebook does not just connect us to our friends and families for us to have a good conversation, there are also lots of other features that you can access and maximize Facebook. One of these amazing features is the Facebook Marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace is a platform accessible on Facebook where you can buy and sell items. One of the basics for accessing this platform is to ensure that your Facebook account has been active for a period of time. In this article, we will be talking about the Facebook Marketplace Books, Films, and Music.

How to Purchase Facebook Marketplace Books, Films, and Music

If you are a Facebook user who is using the Facebook Marketplace feature and you are interested in purchasing Facebook Marketplace books, films, and music. You can follow the simple steps below:

  • Go to Facebook.com, tap Marketplace in the left menu, or go log in to Facebook Marketplace.
  • Next, you can tap on the books, films, or music you want to purchase
  • Tap “Buy Now” or “Buy with Shipping”.
  • Type in your Delivery Address and choose a Delivery Method.
  • Input your email address for those buying with shipping.
  • Finally, tap “Place Order”.

How to Set up Facebook Marketplace

Before we move to the Facebook Marketplace Books, Films, and Music. It is very necessary for you to have the Facebook Marketplace feature running on your Facebook account before you can access that. The steps you need to take to get Facebook Marketplace are actually not difficult, you can follow the steps below:

  • Log in to Facebook on your Mac or PC and type in “Marketplace” in the search bar menu down at the left side of your screen and tap on your homepage. You can also go directly by visiting https://www.facebook.com/marketplace on your preferred browser.
  • After that, click the blue “+Sell something” button displayed on your marketplace page and is at the left-hand side of your page. A pop-up window will direct you to tap on what you want to sell and when you click on it, it will be displayed.
  • Next, tap on the blue box right above the words “Item for Sale” and you will be given directions to give a list of the items you are marketing, the price you are selling, the item category, and any other necessary details you want your potential customers to know about. Kindly be aware that you have to upload a minimum of one photo of the item for display.
  • After all the required details have been provided for your item, tap “Next” at the bottom right corner of the pop-up window and you will be asked to confirm the groups you want your goods and services to be displayed in.
  • Finally, on any of the groups that you want your item to be displayed for sale, you can click “post” and your item will be displayed for sale on the group.


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