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Facebook Live Video – How to go Live on Facebook

The Facebook live video is a fun and easy way to connect with all your friends and families when you feel like. Users can broadcast to all their followers in the world by going live on Facebook. Going live on Facebook consist of users interact with their followers in real time.

Facebook Live Video

This feature (Facebook Live Video) enables it easy for users to share the moment with people they want to share it with. Your followers on Facebook will receive a notification when you go live enabling them to know that they can tune in to connect with you.

Users should note that they can edit their live video with so many creative tools. Such as filters, effects, themes so as to enable you to express yourself in the way you like it and also the way your followers like it. And also, to create more fun, your followers can also react and comment while you are making a live video. When you want to stop the live video click on the finish button, you can post the video to Facebook, change the privacy settings, download it to your phone etc. anyone of your choice.

Facebook Live Video | Steps on how to go live on Facebook

  • Click on the icon that says “what’s on your mind” at the top of your news feed
  • Click on the “go live” button
  • Just click on the image to add an effect
  • Click on the video camera image
  • Click on the finish icon when you want to stop the broadcast

Users can also go live in a group Using the feature Facebook Live Video. The following are steps on how to do that

  • Choose the preferred group
  • Click on the icon that says “write something or say something”
  • Just click on the live icon
  • Click on finish to stop the broadcast

Users should note that when you go live it will also appear in the stories section. And you can block those that you don’t want them to view during a live broadcast. You can do this by clicking on the profile picture of the person you want to block next to the comment then click on the block icon.

Start a live video and enjoy the fun all the way.

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