Facebook Games – Play Free Facebook Games Online

Facebook games; Do you know you can get games from Facebook and not just getting games from Facebook, you can also play Facebook Games with your Facebook friend.

Facebook Games - Play Free Facebook Games Online

Facebook games are just amazing. People don’t really have the Facebook game idea but am sure by the time we are done summarizing all about the Facebook gaming platform it won’t be new to your thoughts again. From facebook Games you can search for games you know and also get to see more new and exciting games. You can get an instant game as well.

How to get to the Facebook Games Homepage

Are you excited about finding out the facebook Game homepage? And you are having thoughts about getting there, well just put your mind at ease and follow the steps accordingly, am sure after that it won’t be as difficult as you think.

  • As usual you have to open up your facebook account with your facebook application

Note that a Facebook games works if you are using the actual facebook application or an android phone that supports the facebook games.

  • Scroll down a little, then at the left part of your screen you will see games
  • Click on it
  • The next page that pops out is the homepage to the games

On your screen you will see features based on the facebook games e.g. Home, Top Charts Casual, Casual, Battle and Casino. You would also see at the top some features e.g. Find Games, Instant Games and Activity.

When you click on home, you will see categories of games e.g. Criminal Case, Zootopia Crime Files and many more games you can find

  • Clicking on Top Charts you will also see popular games
  • Click on casual you get to see categories of games e.g. puzzle, board games and many more
  • Clicking on others too will bring out different categories as well

You can also Download Gameroom by clicking on Download Gameroom; there you would be directed to where you will install the application on your Pc or any other device.

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