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Facebook for Developers – How to Become a Facebook Developer

Facebook for Developers – How to Become a Facebook Developer
Why am talking about Facebook for developers? Facebook has grown rapidly over the years having over a billion million users monthly. Facebook is one of the top largest social networking platforms with the aim of connecting so many people together. With Facebook, you can interact with so many people around the world. And get to post and also see updates of your friends and families all around the world. Facebook has evolved to include a marketplace, applications options, and options for advanced advertising. This amazing social media suites everyone whether you’re an individual or a representative for an organization.

Facebook for Developers

Facebook for developers is a big deal now as it has been a buzzword over the time. Being an app developer in Facebook is a big achievement. As it gives more visibility to you like developing app obviously. And also allows you to help innovative developers to get around. I guess this one of the amazing feature been built by to suit its users.

Today, we will be guiding you on how you can become a Facebook developer (Facebook for Developers). And you are advised to follow the steps below carefully and correctly so as to get an accurate result. You are to note that you must have a Facebook account before you can become an app developer on Facebook.

Facebook for Developer – Steps on how to Become a Facebook Developer

  • Follow this link http://developers.facebook.com/
  • On the left-hand side of the page, there is a get started button. Click on it
  • Tap on the “ I accept the Facebook platform policy”
  • Then click on the continue button
  • Enter your email
  • Complete the security check by answering the captcha
  • Choose your profession. The options there are student, product manager, analyst, developer etc.
  • Add your product
  • And follow the rest instructions offered
  • Congratulations, you’ve become a certified Facebook developer.

I believe this article was able to guide you through on how to become a Facebook developer

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