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Amazing Features to Expect from Facebook Drone Aquila

Facebook drone which has been one of Facebook’s long-term plans is gradually coming to life. Aquila which is the name given to the Facebook drone was created for the aim to bring about global internet across completes test flight. Aquila (Facebook drone), a solar-powered drone created by Facebook can one day offer internet access worldwide mostly to rural areas.

Facebook Drone Aquila

Amazing Features to Expect from Facebook Drone Aquila

One of the aims for creating Aquila is for it to provide internet access to 4 billion people all around the world who are recently in the dark. Aquila is still in the process and has not been fully ready as its first test ended with a crash landing. Mark Zuckerberg which is the founder of Facebook said that “when Aquila is ready. It will be a fleet of solar-powered planes that will beam internet connectivity across the world”.

Fortunate for us, it seems Aquila Facebook drone is ready as ever as they conducted another test on it. In this second test, it was said to have flown for an hour and forty-six minutes and it landed perfectly. Well, this is an achievement since the first test proved negative. When it had a crash landing that resulted in the falling off of a big chunk of the wings. It was stated that the second test was positive as the plane went higher. Twice the feet of the first test but Facebook hopes that it goes higher than this. In order to beam wireless internet down to rural parts of the world.

Facebook aim in doing this is to accomplish its mission which is to connect everyone in the world. Facebook is growing rapidly having over ten billion total users. Improvement to wireless infrastructure is needed that’s why Facebook is speeding things along and we know time is needed for them to achieve their aim. This Facebook drone was announced over three years ago. And we hope that their aim is accomplished since it’s of benefit to us.

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