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Facebook Collage Maker – How to Create a photo Collage

Facebook Collage Maker – How to Create a Photo Collage
There are many users on Facebook with a lot of questions. And most of these questions is, is collage maker free on facebook? And how do I make a collage on facebook? Now, these are some of the questions asked on the Facebook platform. But before I tell you the answers to these questions, I will like to you what a collage maker is. A collage maker (Facebook Collage Maker) is a photography software that transforms photos into a unique pattern of design. You can make photos into posters, greeting cards, calendars. When using this software. This software is a unique one. You can see its potentials are awesome. There are also filters and other effects that this software offers.

Why Facebook Collage Maker

You can make your photos to display in any pattern you want. Its graphics are amazing and thrilling. And gives you a good slideshow of photos. There are lots of benefits enjoyed when this software is used. Now let’s continue with our topic of today. Is collage maker free facebook (Facebook Collage Maker)? Yes it is free.

This software is free on the Facebook platform to its users. It cost nothing to have a collage maker. This is why it is unique. Now to the other question which says how do I make a collage on facebook? Now the steps towards, making a collage on the Facebook platform is very easy and simple. But most users on the Facebook platform find it difficult to do it. Now if you among those who are asking about how to make a collage on Facebook.

How to Make Collage on Facebook – Facebook Collage Maker

Now am going to give you some steps on how to make a collage on your facebook. Below are some given steps;

  • Log into your facebook account.
  • Upload the photos you want to add to your collage.
  •  Place your photos in a selected album.
  • When selected click add photos
  • Select the shape you want
  • Then click edit
  • Then click save
  • You can now add a name and a description.

When these steps are carried out, you have successfully made a collage on your facebook account. And see the beauty of a collage on Facebook.

Now facebook collage is available for all devices. But not every user knows this. Now facebook collage maker can be accessed on the facebook platform using android. Now for those of you who wants to create a facebook collage using an android device. These are steps to create it.

Steps To Create Facebook Collage with Android Device – Facebook Collage Maker

Now below are some steps given to create a facebook collage (Facebook Collage Maker).

  • Access your play store.
  • Download photo grid for android.
  • Open the photo grid.
  • And select the pattern of collage you want.
  • Select the location of the photos you want to use.
  • Click on individual photo to select them.
  • Click on create.

Then you can now create a collage of your choice, when the procedures above are carried out correctly. Now for pc users that want to create a collage on facebook. And don’t know to. I will be giving guidelines in which you can follow to create a collage on facebook using your pc.

How to create a photo Collage with a Laptop

Now there are some steps given below.

  • Import your photos into the collage maker.
  • Select a collage layout.
  • Select and add photos into collage layout.
  • Now edit your photos on the collage.
  • And also modify your collage layout.
  • And a color to the background.
  • Then add a color swatch.

When these steps are carried out successfully, you have made a collage on your laptop.

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