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Facebook Add Instant Games

Do you play Facebook instant games? If you do, then I presume you already know of the Facebook instant games called Facebook add instant games. This Facebook adds instant games platform allows you to add any Facebook instant game to your mobile device home screen. Once the game is added to your mobile device home screen, you can now instantly click on it from there and the game will start playing instantly but it requires data connection. It would seem as if the game is installed on your device directly and it does not require you to download the game from anywhere first. Too good to be true right? Well, let’s find out.

Facebook Add Instant Games

Create a Facebook Account – Facebook Add Instant Games

This is a very simple step and it does not require you to pay any form of cash. To create a Facebook account, simply follow the steps I am about to outline below.

  • Go to the official Facebook website using the URL www.facebook.com.
  • On the website, if any account is logged in, you have to log it out.
  • Once the account is Logged out and you are on the Facebook homepage, click on the icon indicating you can create a new account.
  • On the page, you are redirected to, enter all your personal details such as name and your desired username. Also, you will add your password and then your date of birth.
  • Now add your contact details and confirm it by completing the challenge you are given.

Once all the information’s are confirmed, you will automatically logged in your Facebook account.

Downloading the Facebook Messenger App

Now the only known way for you to use the Facebook add instant game platform is by using the Facebook messenger. The Facebook messenger is an extension of Facebook (a Facebook app) that helps you catch fun by playing games and chatting. To download the Facebook messenger app simply launch your device app store and search for the Facebook messenger using the app store search bar. Click on the app and then on the install button and he app will be automatically downloaded and installed on your device. There are also other ways to get the Facebook messenger app but the one I gave you is the best and simplest method you can find. You can equally send the app form someone using the same device as you to save your data.

Using the Facebook Add Instant Games Platform

To use this platform, launch the Facebook messenger app and login your Facebook account. You can login your Facebook account by adding your login credentials to the specified boxes and click on the login button. Alternatively, you can click on continue with your Facebook account if your account is already logged in on your device web browser. No to use the Facebook add instant game;

  • Click on the discover icon on the Facebook messenger homepage.
  • From the discover screen, click on games and then on the game you want to add to your home screen.
  • Wait patiently for the game to load and a pop up will be displayed to you. From the pop up, click on the “add” to home screen and the game will be added to your home screen.

If you do not wish to add the game to your home screen, you can click on cancel from the popup.


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