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ExpressVPN – Fast, Secure & Reliable VPN Service | ExpressVPN Review

ExpressVPN – Fast, Secure & Reliable VPN Service | ExpressVPN Review
ExpressVPN review stated that the Virtual Private Network works directly from the British Virgin Islands and offers so many amazing features, with over 100+ servers located in 87 different countries, 24/7 customer support, multi-device compatibility, military grade encryption, and leading edge protocols, it is certainly amongst the best VPN providers.

ExpressVPN - Fast, Secure & Reliable VPN Service | ExpressVPN Review

We have gone through many providers and conducted in-depth VPN reviews. Not many VPN services that match the performance ExpressVPN review offers to develop deep into each of its features as it evaluate the all-round performance of the VPN. We work through the compatibility of the device services, payment options, applications, tutorials, its logging, privacy and policy and some other amazing aspects too.

ExpressVPN Server Locations

The Server’s availability is also an important part of a VPN. Geographic separation of servers along with the number of servers provided by a VPN plays a significant role in enforcing a purchase decision. There are different reasons why you should buy a VPN, and the most important among them are related to privacy, security and censorship concerns. Availability of servers and their geographic separation promises broader access to geo-restricted content. Hence, a VPN can be considered as an effective tool to cope with censorship issues.

While doing a research for ExpressVPN review, we came to realize that the service provider has a high range of servers available in over 100 cities in a total of 78 countries. Therefore, it enables you to access content from 78 countries of the world. Also, this feature ensures your privacy as you have complete liberty to connect any server you want and mask your real IP.

The ExpressVPN Speed Test

We made tests to gauge the performance of the service. The speed tests were conducted using speedtest.net and we switched between different servers and protocols to test the speeds. Additionally, the service was also tried on different streaming platforms to find out if we were able to watch our favourite shows in high-quality.

What ExpressVPN does

ExpressVPN is a virtual private network that offers a secure tunnel between you and the internet. When you try to access any website, everything concerning your internet traffic is passed through tunneling protocols and in that process it is encrypted.

This way, anyone try that tries to snoop on your internet activities won’t be able to access anything as it is passed through secure tunnels. To plus up an extra layer of security, with ExpressVPN you can encrypt your data through 256-bit encryption; it protects your internet traffic from various cyber threats like hackers, spam’s and more.

5 ExpressVPN key benefits

During this reviews, we realized that the service offers diverse features and provides numerous benefits to all its users. When you are using the VPN service, you might not be utilizing all its functions fully in order to maximize your VPN usage.

Remain Anonymous

Do u know that whatever you do on the internet, the websites you visit, the contents you downloaded and the emails that you’ve sent, everything can be monitored and recorded. Different spies agencies for example NSA and GCHQ, hackers and your ISP can see and log all your web browsing history and other related data, therefore, to protect your privacy and stop anybody from tracing your internet trafficking, you should use ExpressVPN. It scrambles all your internet data packets and routes them through a secure encrypted tunnels. Thus making it virtually impossible for anyone to uncover or read your internet activities.

Overcome Censorship and Internet Restrictions

There are various websites that are blocked and censored in different regions. For instance, social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are blocked in countries such as China. Similarly, Google and its corresponding services (Gmail, etc.) are also censored in certain locations.

If that’s not all, some websites only work in specify countries. For instance, Hulu and Pandora will only work in U.S while services such as BBC iPlayer and ITV are only accessible in the UK. This is where ExpressVPN comes into play. It can blast through firewalls, getting rid of censorship and allowing you to unblock any website of your choice.

Save Money on Airfares & hotel Deals

dealing with finding different uses of a VPN. You will very rarely find anyone using it to save money on different deals. You can get cheap airfares, hotel reservations, and other deals at discounted prices by changing your virtual location. ExpressVPN also helps in the process through its illustrious server spread, offering over 100 different locations to choose from. All you need to do is to switch your IP address to find the lowest prices possible for various deals

Encrypt Your Internet Traffic

Out of all the dangers of using Wi-Fi hotspots, one of them is that all your personal information and sensitive data can be easily hacked. Lot of cyber-goons get connected to the same WI-FI network and can use different software to intercept your internet traffic. They can retrieve all your emails, bank account details, credit card information, personal messages, pictures, and much more. This is where ExpressVPN AES 256 bit encryption comes into play. Like we mentioned earlier, it encrypts all your internet traffic and makes it impossible for anyone (including hackers) to read the data transmitted over the. Since the data is encrypted, all the hackers would see are scrambling alphanumeric Characters.

Extend Your VPN coverage

pressVPN is compatible on multiple devices and you can extend your VPN coverage on your laptop, PC, Smartphone, gaming console, Wi-Fi routers, and other platforms. Making use of single subscriptions, users can actually enjoy online privacy and security on different devices at the same time. ExpressVPN also offers exclusive apps and software for various operating systems. Simply install apps on Android and iOS devices from Google Play store and iTunes respectively.

ExpressVPN Compatibility

Device compatibility of a VPN is another factor to be concerned for. A VPN which is not fully compatible with different devices is far better off than nothing. Imagine if you buy a VPN that runs only on a computer or a laptop and does not support Android or iOS platform. In this case, your computer or laptop will be secure; but, your Smartphone will still be vulnerable to unauthorized access or online surveillance.

We will play different roles in the stage show called life. Hence, we need a VPN that is in compliance without on-the-go routine. ExpressVPN promises compatibility with different devices. Simply find out the vpn on different device like computer, Smartphone, iPod, tablet, and router etc. And so ExpressVPN supports Windows, Mac, Linux, android, and IOS allowing the users of ExpressVPN to experience internet freedom no matter the device they use or platform they prefer.

Protocols and Encryption

VPN providers support diverse protocols. With these protocols, a secure network is formed which channels your data with a fully encrypted protection. A user may prefer a particular protocol as per his/her convenience. Users unwilling to sacrifice their internet speed often prefer Point-to-Point-Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) as it serves all basic purpose of a VPN with minimal effect on internet speed. However there is another classification of users. These users are quite concerned about their privacy and security. Hence, they prefer more secure protocols such as Layer-to-Tunneling Protocol (l2TP), Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP) and secure shell (SSH) etc. Furthermore, these users are also concerned about encryption supported by a VPN provider.

In this section, we will critique the protocols and encryption offered by ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN supports different protocols such as PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP and OpenVPN along with 128bit and 256bit encryption. Express VPN connects with OpenVPN by default; however, users are liberated to pick any of their preferred protocol through software or manual configuration.

How to get ExpressVPN

  1. Log onto any web browser on your mobile or pc
  2. Type www.expressvpn.com in your address bar
  3. The VPN’s official website then loads
  4. Click on “GET EXPRESSVPN NOW”
  5. Another page loads where you need to select a plan that would work for and you provide your details.
  6. Select your method of payment which can be PayPal then you login into the PayPal to continue your registration.

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