Enjoy 25% Off Eero’s Most Powerful Mesh Routers with This Coupon

Enjoy 25% off Eero’s most powerful mesh routers with this coupon. If you are one of the many people having issues getting the proper Wi-Fi coverage in your home, then this very mesh router system from Eero will do a great job of fixing that.

Eero’s Most Powerful Mesh Routers

Eero’s Most Powerful Mesh Routers

While it is that your average router could probably do an excellent job of covering the whole house if you effectively could place it in the center of your home, it is always never that simple. Regulations, home designs as well as the excessive cost of rerouting cables don’t always make it simple, and you still just might not get perfect coverage in every room. That is where mesh routers come in, as they can effectively do a better job of simply covering your whole home and not just that but with high-speed Wi-Fi.

One of the most powerful systems currently out there is the latest Eero Max 7 of Amazon, which sports a ton of features directly packed into it. The device is quite expensive at base price, reportedly clocking in at $1,700 for the three-pack with the vastest of coverages.

Fortunately, you can make use of the code HOTWIRE25 to get 25% off the order, thus bringing the cost down to just $1,275, and that discount code as you should know applies to the two-pack and single options as well.

Specs and Features of These Mesh Routers

One of the most impressive things in regards to the Eero Max 7 is that it can effectively cover a whopping 7,500 square feet if you go for the three-pack. And even much better, it can allow you to hit up to 4.5 Gbps speeds on a wireless network, which as you should know is pretty impressive when you take into consideration just how big the coverage area is.

You can also get close to 9.54 Gbps, although, realistically speaking, both speeds in question are way higher than what most users will need since the median speed in the US is around 220 Mbps, so you are mostly getting this for the coverage.

Why You Should Get Yourself a Mesh Router

That being said, it is also good if you have a ton of devices in your home that are in need of connectivity since it can reportedly handle more than 200 connected devices. So you can easily and always connect all of your phones, computers, smart home devices, security cameras as well as anything else that you can think of on the same network.

Also, Eero throws in six months of the Eero Plus subscription for free, which reportedly gives you stuff such as a VPN, 1Password password manager, ad blocking, as well as some other solid additions.



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