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DStv – Purchase & Subscribe for Dstv | www.dstv.com

DStv is a Digital Satellite TV decoder from the Sub-Saharan in Africa. The decoder was launched in 1995.This decoder provides various bouquets offering general entertainment, lifestyle & culture, movies, documentaries, sport, news & commerce, music, children, religion and consumer channels to MultiChoice subscribers.

DStv - Purchase & Subscribe for Dstv | www.dstv.com

Subscribers are up to 8 million, and mostly in South Africa and Nigeria. The two markets are considered the most import markets for the DStv service although markets such as Ghana, Zimbabwe, Mauritius, Kenya, Angola, Uganda and Tanzania.

DStv Decoders

This decoder has a range of decoders (set-top boxes) produced by Altech UEC and Pace. The latest decoders lets its subscribers to use Xtraview. This allows subscribers to connect two decoders under a single subscription fee, to advancing the viewing environments.

DStv Standard decoder

The standard decoder is the DStv’s entry level HD single view decoder, and it was introduced in 2014. It has XtraView capability and it can be linked to itself, the HD PVR or the HD EXPLORA.

DStv Explora

The Explora decoder was released in 2013 and it is the DSTV top sec decoder, improving on the old HD PVR decoder with enough memory. It can also record and watch 1 channel. Despite many updates to the firmware, the Explora still have many bugs that frustrate subscribers. Especially the Explora Catchup feature which frequently skip episode 1 of a series, which makes the series unwatchable. Also, the schedules has been afflicted by incorrect summaries, incorrect numbers, incorrect actor and director details and recording conflicts and awkward user interface.

DStv Explora 2

The Explora 2 was released at the end of 2016 and it is the next generation of the PVR decoder slated to replace the Explora eventually. It has a slimmed downed version of the Explora but with half hard drive space. This type of the decoder came with 1 terabyte of hard drive space while the Explora came with 2 terabytes. In repay to that, DStv applied high efficiency video encoding (HEVC called H.265), a much superior compression technology in order to balance data consumption. The Explora 2 is made with a new A7 remote with a backlit buttons for night time viewing.

DStv Drifta decoder

The Drifta decoder is a mobile decoder that receives a DVB-H signal and convert it into Wi-Fi, then relays it to a Wi-Fi enabled viewing device: computer, laptop, tablets, and most smartphones. For the product to work it must be within the DVB_H coverage at a purchase.

  • Drifta Device
  • USB cable
  • Battery
  • Power Adapter
  • Broadcast Mobile TV on your PC, Tablet or Smartphone
  • Access the mobile TV Guide
  • Connects to your device through Wi-Fi or USB
  • Rechargeable with up to 3hours of viewing
  • light-weight and ultra-portable

DStv self service

Here you can find the suggestions which helps you with your decoder

  • Fix Errors: here you can fix common error codes on every of the decoder’s Product
  • How to pay: This is a quick help section where you manage your payment
  • Installation help
  • Device help

DStv Packages

  •  Access for #1,800 per month
  •  Family for #3,600 per month
  • Compact for #6,000 per month
  • DStv Compact Plus for #9,420 per month
  • Premium for #13,980 per month
  • Installation
  • Free channels

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