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Dropbox – Share and Collaborate | www.dropbox.com

Issues had being before now on site for file hosting for business and personal use. Proper security and saving of files were not available because good software for this purpose where not created. This brought massive loss of some important businesses file and personal document due to poor storage ability. But since the invention of this amazing file hosting site call Dropbox proper saving and storage of electronic files were completely sure.

Dropbox - Share and Collaborate | www.dropbox.com


Dropbox was built and designed on a nice platform that gives user free access to make use of the services it renders. Since the invention of this nice service proper storage of files was sure, businesses were now confident of proper saving of their important document, Storing and saving of file on this platform were said to be in good hands.

What is Dropbox?

Dropbox is computer web internet data base client software used for file hosting. This is proper saving client software for sending and storing of file for safety purpose. It is an American company built by two MIT students Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowis.

This client software was brought to developed by Drew Houston after forgotten his USB Flash drive repeatedly that was important to him at some specific time. Due to the fact that some web internet data base storage software had some issues with internet this led to the idea of him building web internet data base client software that could allow users save files on it platform. Giving them access to get these files stored on it platform anytime and anywhere around the globe.

Dropbox Website | Dropbox Review From 2007-2016

Dropbox Inc. was built in June 2007 and after securing seed funding from Y Combinator. It was them launched officially at Techcrunch50 a technology conference. This service domain name was first called getdropbox.com and was changed to dropbox.com in October 2009. Dropbox was blocked in china by the Chinese Government in 2010 due to some reasons.

During May 2011 two Japanese mobile companies Softbank and Sony Ericsson had a deal with Dropbox, that it software will come pre-installed on their mobile phone. Users of this service increased that same year with over 50 million registered users. This service got a new software called Snapjoy that render nice services to users,  snapjoy was used for archiving and going through all photos snapped with cameras, mobile Phone and some other photo Apps.

A business platform was launch on this service to suit the usage of Organization and businesses. This service runs on different OS such as Linux, Windows NT and OS X. It runs on mobile system such as iOS, OS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry; and also web browsers. Dropbox partnership with Microsoft was announced in 2014. The company built a CloudOn platform that develops a mobile apps for creation and editing of document in January 2015. On that same year the launching of a Clementine enterprise communication system was announced to the public.

Dropbox.com Access

Dropbox can only be access and make use of by users who have created an account on it platform. These sign up users will be provided with a Login detail that will always give them access to their files store on it. It is not just a platform for file hosting; it is a platform for pictures and videos uploading. User can upload photos and videos directly from their device that gives support to file hosting software. This service have a large storage capacity of 3GB

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