Dorcas McClean Scholarship for Travelling Violinists 2025 | Up to $40,000

The University of Melbourne is proud to announce the 2025 Dorcas McClean Scholarship for Travelling Violinists, a prestigious triennial competition offering up to $40,000 to support exceptional young violinists in their musical education and career development.

Dorcas McClean Scholarship for Travelling Violinists 2025
Dorcas McClean Scholarship for Travelling Violinists 2025

The Dorcas McClean Scholarship aims to nurture Australia’s most promising violin talent by providing substantial financial support for advanced studies at approved institutions. The competition, scheduled for early 2025, will be held at the University’s Southbank Campus over several days.

This scholarship represents a significant opportunity for young Australian violinists to advance their careers and contribute to the nation’s rich musical sector. The University of Melbourne encourages all eligible candidates to apply and showcase their talent on this prestigious platform.


  • First Prize: Up to $40,000 for the Dorcas McClean Scholarship recipient
  • Second Prize: $10,000
  • Third Prize: $5,000
  • Travel reimbursement for shortlisted applicants

Eligibility Criteria for Dorcas McClean Scholarship

  • Age: 17-25 years old as of February 2, 2025
  • Residency: Must have been a resident of Australia for at least two years preceding the competition
  • Applicants must be eligible for admission to a course of study at an approved institution, under supervision of an approved teacher, or be a graduate/undergraduate of the University of Melbourne

Application Process for Dorcas McClean Scholarship

Round 1 applications must be submitted online via the University’s SmartyGrants portal: by the deadline

Required materials include:

  • High-quality recording of specified repertoire
  • Summary of musical experience and professional work
  • Educational qualifications
  • Proposed training or study program
  • Two referee contacts

For complete guide, please visit the University of Melbourne on:

Selection Process

The competition consists of three rounds:

  • Initial assessment of recordings by prominent Australian violinists
  • Live performance for six selected candidates
  • Final round for three finalists
  • Candidates will be evaluated on musicality, tone, technique, intonation, and poise by panels of renowned Australian and international violinists.

Application Deadline

The late date for Dorcas McClean Scholarship 2025 submission, is set at August 12, 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I still apply for scholarships if am currently enrolled as a part-time student?

Generally, part-time students can apply for scholarships. However, be aware of potential tax implications for payments received while studying part-time.

I currently hold a scholarship, am I eligible for other scholarships?

You can’t hold multiple scholarships with similar values or purposes. Check your scholarship offer and conditions for specific rules on combining scholarships or bursaries. If eligible for multiple scholarships, you’ll usually receive the most advantageous one.

When can I expect to receive the scholarship decision

For automatic scholarship consideration, expect a decision within four weeks of receiving an unconditional course offer. For submitted applications, refer to the specific scholarship page for expected decision timelines.

Are there scholarship deferral options

Most scholarships can be deferred if you’ve been approved to defer your course. However, some scholarships may be withdrawn if you don’t start your course in the offered year. Consult your offer letter and scholarship conditions for deferral policies.



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