home Games Crossy Road – Free Online Game Download | www.crossyroad.com

Crossy Road – Free Online Game Download | www.crossyroad.com

Crossy Road – Free Online Game Download | www.crossyroad.com
Crossy road is an Arcade game in which you as the player have to help the main character of the game cross through the busy road without getting hit by any vehicle or train. The main character of this game is chicken has to successfully cross the street without being hit by high speeding cars, trains and also logs of wood on the river bank. This game was developed by Hipster Whale, which released on 20 November 2014. This Game is actually an award winning game

Crossy Road

About Crossy Road

On this game Crossy Road, the more distances the character goes as it every road the more coins the player receives also. Every minutes of playing the game, the player will be given a free gift which contains amazing prizes.

If I would analysis this Game base on reality, everyone can learn from it because it teachers us how to cross through a busy road safely. And also the important of observe some important traffic rules. Real life you have to wait for the signal from stop light before you can cross the road. Same thing applies on Crossy Road, but you as the player have to be more observant.

Crossy Road is an endless game because it allows the player to keep playing even if you as the player fail to cross the character safely to the other side of the road. I can always say Crossy road is an exciting game, as every time you bump into the car you feel you want to scream because you fail to move or cross the character to the other side of the road quickly without getting hit by those obstacles.

You can play this game using your android, iPhone, and windows device. You can also play the game on your pc, imaging playing this game on PC devices.

Cross Road Web Platform | www.crossyroad.com

It has a web platform where you get to see all it supported mobile device. The url for his web platform is www.crossyroad.com through it web platform you can always download this game to your to any of it supported mobile device. You can also get latest updates on this the game form web page crossroad.com

Features of the game Cross Road

  • A square 3D game full in HD and the game follows commands given by the player at a fast rate.
  • It has a control panel which you can see as a player, but has to follow the instruction that appear
  • Multiple player mode which you can play against 2-4 players.
  • Get Coins along the when playing this game
  • It has more characters, which can be acquire when playing the game

Controls of Crossy Road

The controls of crossy road are very easy and simple. The player just needs to press the screen and tap faster for the character to run faster. But if the player tap slowly the character will run slowly. The player can move backwards if he or she feels they have made a wrong choice. The player can just tap the screen backward. The character has to move right or left the icon that appear automatically on the screen. The player determines the speed of the character. A tap moves the character to another spot.

How to download Crossy Road on PC

Users can download crossy road using the emulator provided by the Andy and all the steps to get it are provided below

  1. Download and install Andy Emulator.
  2. Once that is done. Open Andy Emulator and complete sign up procedure. Not user can always use Google account to sign in, if he or she have one.
  3. Open the Google play and search for “crossy road” using the search bar.
  4. Once the page appears click on install to get the game installed on your PC device.

You can also enjoy every moment on this game when playing his or her PC.

How to Download Crossy Road to Your Mobile Device

All need to download this game to you mobile is you App Store, Play Store and other support device application store. Enter the name of the game Crossy Road on the search bar of either any of the device Application store. It will bring out other related games, click on the one you want to download and install on your mobile device. to download it and install it on your device.

The major aim of crossy road is to get the character to the other side of the road without getting hit by a vehicle or a van or train. The goals is very easy, cross the street  road as fast as you can by jumping fast or slow or stop to let it pass by. The further you go the more coins you get.

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