Create Facebook Store – How to Create One on Facebook

Create Facebook Store – How to Create One on Facebook
Facebook is one of the most popular social networking services in the world. Research has seen Facebook as one of the most visited social media. As they have over a million active users daily. Facebook is a social media that allows users to connect with their friends and families all over the world. Good news is that they don’t only have the chance to interact; they also get to see updates such as videos and photos of their families and friends. With Facebook you can meet new people and also get to communicate with them, which is why most business owners have taken use of this chance to start marketing on Facebook.

Create Facebook Store - How to Create One on Facebook

Why You Need a Facebook Store

It all started with a business page which you can create on Facebook. Where you can post images of your products and also get to meet customers all over the world. That is interested in your business. This medium is of great importance because it is advantageous. And the more people indulge in it the more you could get to meet a whole lot of people all around the world.

But great news, it just got better as Facebook introduced an online store that allows users sell on Facebook, awesome right? Facebook is a simple and great way to boost your sales. And to create Facebook store is just the best way to sell your products to reach a bigger and wider customer base. To create Facebook store is very easy as it takes only a few steps and few minutes to get a result. In this content today, we will be guiding you on how you can create Facebook store in the simplest way. You are advised to follow the steps correctly so as to gain the knowledge to create Facebook store.

Create Facebook Store

Before you can create Facebook store, you need a business page on Facebook. This is very compulsory, cause without it you won’t be able to create Facebook store.

  • Go to your business page and in the top right corner of the page, click on settings
  • Click on edit page
  • Scroll down and click on add tab
  • On the shop tab, click on add tab
  • Once your tab is added, it will disappear from the screen you are on. Click on close
  • Congratulations, you just create Facebook store.


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