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New Users May Now Pay a Fee On X

New Users May Now Pay a Fee on X Before Posting on the Platform

New users may now pay a fee on X (formerly known as Twitter) before posting on the platform. Following the rise of bot and...
X Outage Broke All Outgoing Links

An X Outage Reportedly Broke All Outgoing Links on the Platform Again

An X outage reportedly broke all outgoing links on the platform again. With the reported outage, clicking on links on the social media platform...
Linda Yaccarino Teases New Features

Linda Yaccarino Teases How Users Will Watch Videos and Other New Features on the...

Linda Yaccarino teases how users will watch videos and other new features such as users making money on the social media platform. A social...
X To Train AI Models

X To Train AI Models with Public Data

X to train AI models with public data. The social media just recently confirmed this new development and I am sure that users are...
X To Remove Headlines from Links

X Is Planning To Remove Headlines from Links to New Articles

X is planning to remove headlines from links to new articles. Elon Musk is currently pushing for the social media platform which he owns...
X Glitch Wipes Old Pictures and Links

X Glitch Reportedly Wipes out Old Pictures and Links on the Platform

X (formerly known as Twitter) glitch reportedly wipes out old pictures and links on the platform that have been tweeted before December 2014. The...
How to Earn More from Twitter

How to Earn More from Twitter

How can I Earn More from Twitter? In today's interconnected world, social media platforms play a pivotal role in shaping personal and professional interactions....
Elon Musk’s X Ads Revenue Sharing

Elon Musk’s New Round of X Ads Revenue Sharing Payments Has Finally Arrived

Elon Musk’s new round of X ads revenue sharing payments has finally arrived. The new program that reportedly pays Twitter/X posters for views by...
Twitter Blue Subscribers Blue Checks

Twitter Blue Subscribers Can Reportedly Hide Their Blue Checks Now

Twitter Blue subscribers can reportedly hide their blue checks now. Subscribers of Twitter/X can now hide that which they are paying for and in...
Twitter iOS Character Limit Rule

Twitter Gets Special Exception to iOS Character Limit Rule

Twitter gets a special exception to the iOS character limit rule. The Apple app store normally has a character limit rule when it comes...
Twitter Default Dark Mode

Twitter Will Reportedly Default To Dark Mode

Twitter will reportedly default to dark mode but the social media platform will however still offer a light option. Well, this is the thinking...
Twitter Could Sue Meta

Twitter Could Sue Meta over Its Threads App

Twitter could sue Meta over its copycat Threads app. The social media platform Twitter claims that Meta used the trade secrets of the company...
Twitter’s New CEO Email to Employees

Twitter’s New CEO Email to Employees

Twitter’s new CEO email to employees - In her first memo as CEO of social media networking platform Twitter, Linda Yaccarino has said that...
Twitter New API for Start-Ups

Twitter Now Has a New API for Start-Ups

Twitter now has a new API for start-ups, but you should however know that it does not come cheap. The pro plan of utilizing...
Twitter’s Largest Ad Buyer

Twitter’s Largest Ad Buyer No Longer Considers the Platform High Risk

Twitter’s largest ad buyer no longer considers the platform high risk according to various reports. Appointing seasoned and tested advertising executive Linda Yaccarino as...
Linda Yaccarino New Twitter CEO

Linda Yaccarino Is the New Twitter CEO

Linda Yaccarino is the new Twitter CEO. Elon Musk has now named Linda Yaccarino as the new CEO of Twitter, and here in this...
Twitter Legacy Blue Checks

Twitter Promises to Remove the Legacy Blue Checks Soon

Twitter promises to remove the legacy blue checks soon and this time around, Twitter is actually serious. The legacy blue checks are going away...
Elon Musk to Sue Microsoft

Elon Musk Reportedly Threatens To Sue Microsoft

Elon Musk reportedly threatens to sue Microsoft. After the advertising arm of Microsoft recently announced that it would stop supporting the Musk-owned social media...
PBS Articles on Twitter

PBS Has Stopped Posting Its Articles on Twitter

PBS has stopped posting its articles on Twitter. The platform has also stopped tweeting from its main account after being hit with a ‘government-funded...
FTC Subpoenaed By Congressional Republicans

The FTC Subpoenaed By Congressional Republicans

The FTC was subpoenaed by congressional Republicans simply for asking the social media platform Twitter too many questions. The FTC in its own defense...