Carlos Alberto Montaner Journalism Prize 2024 (Up to $10,000 Prize)

The accolade is purposed to identify and cultivate fresh benchmarks in Ibero-American journalism, enriched with a USD 10,000 prize.

Carlos Alberto Montaner Journalism Prize

Carlos Alberto Montaner Journalism Prize 2024

It endeavors to spotlight the pinnacle of journalistic excellence, unwavering procal standards, and the steadfast advocacy for freedom within the journalistic field.

Categories that will be considered are:

  • Narrative Reporting (Chronicle): Submissions that, by integrating persuasive language and literary techniques, narrate factual occurrences meticulously and vividly.
  • Editorial Essay: Articles that, through a structured argumentative approach, articulate the author’s viewpoint on a specific subject matter.
  • Investigative Journalism: Deep-dive reports that disclose news items concealed from the public eye, unveiling truths previously shrouded in obscurity.


  • The |V “Carlos Alberto Montaner” Journalism Award comes with a prize of $10,000 USD, subject to the applicable tax deductions. The laureate of this fourth edition’s cash prize will be unveiled at the America-Europe International Forum, an event orchestrated by the International Foundation for Freedom (FIL) in November.
  • As a supplementary honor, the awardee will receive an all-expenses-covered invitation to present a lecture on their winning topic at the Atlas Network Latin American Forum’s yearly gathering. This prestigious meeting is slated to occur in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in February 2025.

Eligibility  Criteria

  • Journalists who are 35 years old or younger, irrespective of their nationality, are eligible to participate and may submit as many entries as they wish.
  • The IV “Carlos Alberto Montaner” Journalism Award will be conferred to pieces written originally in Spanish, and published across print, radio, television, and digital media platforms within the year preceding the call’s closure. Specifically, the publication period ranges from Saturday, October 14, 2023, to Friday, October 11, 2024.
  • Submissions of translated works from another language into Spanish will not be considered for the prize.

How To Apply

  • Submissions, particularly those involving written journalism, should be delivered in PDF format, while multimedia entries can be shared via a YouTube link. Both types of submissions should be routed through the specified management computer platform. It is a prerequisite that all participants enroll and create a profile before they are permitted to submit their work.
  • To begin application, click on this link

For more information, visit the official website of Carlos Alberto Montaner Journalism Prize 

Application Deadline

October 11, 2024.

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