Canadaland Audio Journalism Fellowship Program 2024 (Paid) | Apply Now!

The Canadaland Audio Journalism Fellowship Program is a paid opportunity for two students to work and learn in Canadaland’s newsroom for four months with our experienced journalists and editors.

Canadaland Audio Journalism Fellowship Program

Canadaland Audio Journalism Fellowship Program

They want to hire and train two students in their third or fourth year of undergraduate or master’s studies who are passionate about making audio journalism and have a story or project they want to cover. This fellowship will be in Canadaland’s Toronto office from May to August 2024. During that time, fellows will work on a project about 20 minutes long that could be aired in Canadaland.


  • If you are not from the GTA, they will help you with up to $500 for moving costs if you get the job.
  • You will work 37.5 hours per week and earn $28.67 per hour.

In addition

You will learn how to pitch, research, write, tell stories, and produce audio, and you will finish a project with the support and advice of the newsroom team.

Eligibility Requirement

Application Requirements Part 1


  • Audio Production
  • Studio recording equipment
  • Mixing and mastering technique
  • Excellent ability to recognize and distinguish musical sound, pitch, and tone
  • Experience
  • Having some audio production skills is helpful but not necessary
  • You need to be able to fact-check your story or have some experience in doing so
  • It is good if you know how to find sources but not mandatory
  • You should be familiar with different ways and sites to do research


  • Some skills in audio production using tools like Reaper or Adobe Audition
  • Can work well both alone and with others in a newsroom setting
  • Can adapt and overcome challenges with a positive attitude
  • A great communicator who can listen and express well within a team
  • Timely and dependable team player
  • Can handle stress and urgency well
  • A keen storyteller, eager to thread a through audio


  • Candidate is pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a related field such as communications, journalism, media studies, audio engineering, or broadcasting
  • Proficient in English (both written and spoken) and knows French or other languages
  • Has taken any courses related to media/journalism and storytelling.

Requirements Part 2— The Story

  • CanadaLabs wants you to pitch your passion project, your investigative work, your storytelling and exploration of hot topics and/or deep dives, or more — impress them. They are looking for a captivating piece, between 20 and 40 minutes long, in a documentary format that tells the story you want to share — whether it is news-related or not — as long as it is about Canada. The piece should show that Canada is more strange, humorous, fascinating, or worse than people assume. The piece must uphold high journalistic standards while having a playful tone. They want a groundbreaking story or a fresh perspective on an existing story with a documentary narrative. So, bring your pop culture, your politics, your economics, or any other aspect of yourself, as long as it is intersectional, based on research and fact-checking, and done within 16 weeks.

What It Needs?

Your pitch should not exceed 1000 words

  • Your pitch should convey why your story matters (to you, the current events, the cultural/social context, and the potential audience).
  • You should also include a clear and specific statement or question that aligns with Canadaland’s style of reporting.
  • You should show how you plan to investigate the story using various sources and methods (such as library research, fieldwork, open-source tools, and/or data analysis).
  • include at least three sources that will be featured in the final audio/piece
  • Use a lens and perspective that considers multiple dimensions of identity (such as race, gender, and sexuality)
  • Justify why the story is relevant and timely
  • State your expected findings and how they will add something new or surprising
  • Describe how you will use audio elements (such as street noise, music, etc.) to enhance the storytelling
  • The topic you choose must be completed within 16 weeks.

How To Apply For the Canadian Audio Journalism Fellowship Program 2024

To be part of the Canadaland Audio Journalism Fellowship Program, Please complete the application form by clicking on the provided link.

Visit the official website of Canadaland Audio Journalism Fellowship Program for more information. 

Application Deadline

March 13, 2024.


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