How to Block Facebook on Google Chrome Temporarily

How to Block Facebook on Google Chrome Temporarily
Block Facebook on Google Chrome  – Social Medias which are all fun can sometimes be distracting and addictive, Facebook is one of them. Facebook which is a popular networking platform is a very useful social media as it is used as a medium to communicate with your friends and families around the world.

Block Facebook on Google Chrome

Why users will want to think of How to block Facebook on Google Chrome Temporarily

Though Facebook is fun and useful, it is also distracting and addictive. In a research, it was discovered that most Facebook student users spend less time studying and most time chatting. And frequently keeping up with what is recent on Facebook. This can cause a lot of academic failures and be blocking Facebook temporarily on your chrome will be a great idea.

Facebook can be blocked by host file but unluckily this method doesn’t work in chrome so we will be using an external app which is a social media blocker to help you. The following are ways on how you can Block Facebook on Google Chrome temporarily.

Steps on how to block Facebook on Google Chrome Temporarily

The extension app we will be using is Cisdem AppCrypt. This is a software app that can block any website irrespective of what browser you use. This app can be used to block Facebook on Google Chrome easily. Apart from being a social media blocker, it is also an excellent app that can lock any software app with the password on your desktop. Users should know this is only for Mac.

  • Download and install the app on your computer
  • Open the app. You will be asked to create a password. Enter and re-enter it again to confirm it.
  • Click on submit
  • On the next window, click the Weblock button at the top right corner. Tap the add icon to add Facebook to the backlist then click on the key icon in the top menu bar and the block will be enabled instantly.

This is How to block Facebook on Google Chrome on Mac. If anyone wants to access the Facebook website, they would be asked for the password. And if you are a window PC user and you want to block Facebook on chrome, follow the steps below.

  • Download and install this app. Nanny for google chrome
  • Add it to your chrome, then right-click the clock icon to select options
  • Enter the set name, URL and time of the social media you want to block
  • Then check if you can access the Facebook site or not.


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