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Blackberry Messenger – Mobile App Review

Blackberry Messenger Number One Mobile Messaging Application
BBM (blackberry messenger) is a mobile messenger developed by blackberry. This app is been used for sending short messages to other user on BBM Messenger. This app was first release only on blackberry smart phones and was restricted to other mobile device.

To make use of this app user has to own a blackberry device. It was so complicated that the phone was fixed to a particular user ID called pin. This ID is been use to identify that particular phone. User can’t make use of that same pin whenever they upgrade their device. They can only restore contacts to their new device. Using memory card and the default blackberry software for PC.

Blackberry Messenger For All Smart Phones 

Blackberry Messenger now has a new look. This app has been made available to all devices such as Android, IOS, and Widows Phone. You can now download the app officially at any mobile play store for free.

BBM and Whatsapp has same features but the only difference is their users ID. BBM makes use of pin whatsapp make use of mobile number.

This app also has provision for profile. User can change his profile name and picture at any time. and they can also update their status in the profile section. To add a contact to your contact list you have to send them an invitation. For them to accept your request.

It’s not like whatsapp where you automatically get all your phone book contact on your contact list. You can send media files to any one on you contact and also chat with them all for free on Blackberry Messenger platform. This messaging app now has new features such as Blackberry Messenger channel. Where users can get to view exiting moments on other users Blackberry Messenger channel.

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