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What is BestWap? Bestwap is a free download website. On this website, you can get access to full mp3 songs, videos, applications and so many more.



There are lots of wap platforms on the internet today, but personally, I think that BestWap is one of the best. This website has been around for quite some time now. Bestwap is one of the best sources of Indian entertainment just in case you are looking for one. This website and platform keep you entertained with the very best and latest songs from various artists.

Besides being one of the best in what it does, the website is really fast and has got a clean user interface, one which you can easily navigate and roam about. In this post, I will be telling you everything you need to know about BestWap, from accessing it and downloading its content. To however get this piece of information, you need to read the content of this post from the beginning to the end.

Bestwap Services

The aim of this website is to give users complete entertainment and experience when it comes to Indian content. Although the platform is majorly about downloading Indian songs and videos, you can also upload and promote songs.

Bestwap also has a list of top songs. With this list, you can easily know what is trending without having to do any further research. And also, just like most of the content on the platform, you can also download these songs.

How to Upload and Promote Your Songs on Bestwap

In the matter of uploading and promoting songs on BestWap, up-and-coming artists can make use of the opportunity in showcasing what they can do. Uploading songs on BestWap is simple and straightforward. All you have to do as an artist is to get through to the platform via WhatsApp or email.

You will find the official WhatsApp contact and email address of the platform here. You should also know that uploading songs on the platforms since the feature started out is free. You do not need to pay a dime, as you only need to send your album or single track to them via WhatsApp or email.

If you also wish to promote your song on the platform, it is possible. To learn more about the promotion packages of BestWap, you can contact them via WhatsApp or email. To access their promotional WhatsApp and email information check here.

Bestwap Categories

Bestwap is a very vast platform. For the sole reason, the content of the platform was shared into categories. With the categories on the platform you can easily locate what you are looking for and in the process, saving you the time of searching all the contents of the platform. the categories contained in BestWap include;

  • Full mp3 songs
  • Mobile application
  • Opera mini themes
  • Video zone
  • Webmaster zone

This is it!

Bestwap Full Mp3 Songs

On BestWap you cannot only download background or movie songs. You can also download full mp3 songs as mentioned already in this post. Some of the full mp3 you can download here include;

  • Dj remix songs
  • Bhojpuri songs
  • Bollywood movie 2021
  • Mix songs
  • Indipop songs
  • Bangla songs
  • Haryanvi songs
  • Punjabi songs
  • Hindi songs

You can download all of these types of mp3 songs on the platform for free and in great quality.

Bestwap Mobile Application

Bestwap also offers the services of mobile application download. Whether it is android apps or java apps you are in search of, BestWap has got you covered. From game apps to themes, whatever type of app, you are looking for, you will find it here. All android and java apps available on this platform for download is offered for free.

Bestwap Video Zone

The platform also offers 3GP funny and 3GP cartoons for free download. You can access the category on the platform.

How to Download On Bestwap

Downloading on BestWap is free and easy. Just as mentioned already in this post, the content of the platform are shared into categories and with this, you can easily download whatever it is you want. To download on BestWap;

  • Go to
  • Locate the content you want to download and click on it.
  • Scroll down and click on the download this song tab.

Select a folder you want to save the downloaded file.


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