Best TV Shows of 2020 – Catch all the Best TV Show and TV Series Live Online

Last year was an epic movie show year, to which we will be talking about the Best TV Shows of 2020. Watching TV Shows is a daily activity been done for fun. Surely, it’s not just about watching these movies but getting the Best TV Shows of 2020.

If you are still seeking to get the Best TV Shows of 2020, then here is your solution to that. There is a lot about the movie you can read about in this article before downloading it. S enjoy the fun of the Best TV Shows of 2020.

Best TV Shows of 2020

For all folks who have ever felt like there have been just too many shows to stream, last year finally gave us the time to meet up with the Best TV Shows of 2020.

But even during a year when most folks spent longer inside than ever, there have been still a lot of great TV Shows to check on. From edgy comedies to lyrical dramas to gripping docuseries, the Best TV shows of 2020 took a fun couple of hours of couch time.

The Mandalorian

This Show is a crowd-pleasing entry for the best television program of the year. The first-ever Star Wars live-action TV series stepped up its level of action and drama this season. Also, as its ambition in weaving in exciting elements of its vast fictional universe.

Without the release of blockbuster movies, The Mandalorian successfully managed to require its place. Bringing that very same level of conversation and excitement around each episode.

The quality of episodes was much more consistent this season, because of a reasonably obvious increase in budget and more confidence in its way of telling stories.

Where to stream it: Netflix

The Queen’s Gambit

Chess drama The Queen’s Gambit may be a monster hit for Netflix that seemingly came out of nowhere. It certainly wasn’t on my radar until I saw The Witch’s Anya Taylor-Joy was its star.

It’s essentially a sports movie, as orphan Beth Harmon is taught to play chess by a talented janitor. Before she successfully pursues a career within the male-dominated competitive scene. She pulls this off while contending with alcoholism and pill addiction, and wearing tons of trendy dresses.

Sex Education – Best TV Shows of 2020

In a school environment that somehow manages to be a hybrid of both the US and UK experience, dealing with the social insecure and hormonal disaster Otis. As he navigates the planet of puberty and sexual awakening while trying to urge good grades and conceal from his embarrassing sex-therapist mum.

I May Destroy You – Best TV Shows of 2020

This movie took a refreshingly un-2020 approach to explore its main themes of sex and trauma. What follows may be a brilliant, nuanced check out of the grey areas explored by Arabella and her two close friends, Kwame and Terry, alongside the long-term effects of the assault.

The movie I May Destroy You doesn’t really feel over weighty or didactic either. Instead, you get jarring gear shifts from drama to comedy, all via a non-linear format that recreates the sense of trauma resurfacing within the midst of real world.

Where to stream it: Netflix

Tigre King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness

The definition of a lockdown hit, it’s tough to not consider Tiger King without remembering that early a part of the pandemic. Where it seemed plausible that the virus wasn’t getting to consume everything of 2020.

To me, Tiger King is synonymous with people learning the way to make sourdough, or doing daily YouTube exercises, during a bid to debar the general low mood of this year.

The story of massive cat-obsessed park owner Joe Exotic is an outrageous true-crime epic. Then implausible that it’s incredibly entertaining.

It’s funny even when it should not be, mostly due to Exotic himself, and it’s filled with memorable real-life characters.


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